Urban and indoor golf, the new sports modality that is sweeping

Urban golf goes a step further into the world of simulation. It's not that it's something new, because video games like the 'Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Urban golf goes a step further into the world of simulation. It’s not that it’s something new, because video games like the ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour’ put the game to the test years ago. swing of those golfers who, without time to go to the course, killed the desire to make a good shot from home. The golf indoors It has evolved a lot since then and more and more cities have virtual reality clubs focused on this discipline.. We traveled to Barcelona to find out first-hand what it consists of and how to play it, specifically Eagle Club, the first urban golf and i-tech of the city of Barcelona that opened its doors just a few months ago.

Photo: Trackman Golf

Designed to make the daily practice of golf more accessible to both professionals and amateurs of this discipline, Eagle Club is equipped with the latest in virtual technology from the hand of Trackman.

Indoor urban golfPhoto: Eagle Club

How does it work?

Just arrived, you choose one of the best courses in the world, such as St. Andrews, Valderrama, Wentworth… You also have the option to choose aspects such as weather conditions and the modality, as well as play alone or with up to four golfers per simulator.

Indoor urban golfPhoto: Eagle Club

You have the option to play 9 or 18 holes, and compete in games of skill or simply to improve your game

Lessons to start in golf

For those who want to learn to play golf, the club offers the possibility of giving personalized classes, both for children and adults, instructed by great professionals.

Indoor urban golfPhoto: Eagle Club

The golf simulator is equipped with a tracking radar, a software that interprets the information and another of virtual reality to reproduce what would be the practice outdoors.

Indoor urban golfPhoto: Trackman Golf

Every year there are more federates in golf

In Europe, especially in countries with more adverse weather, these types of clubs are very common. And it is that, golf has more and more followers. The latest studies reveal that the number of federated in Spain has increased by 13,166, with a total of 284,954 federated, between amateurs and professionals.

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These figures demonstrate the need for urban golf and indoors. In Mallorca, there is DNA Golf with more than 500 square meters of facilities with private rooms and private classes. In Madrid there is HO Golf House, where they also help you choose the best material and equipment to practice golf.

Indoor urban golfPhoto: HO Golf House

One of the main advantages of golf is that it has a low rate of injuries, is low intensity, but requires dynamism, coordination and aim. A study by the University of Edinburgh indicates that playing golf can extend life by five years.

Indoor urban golfPhoto: H0 Golf House