Valencia de Don Juan already glimpses its artificial soccer field

The artificial grass soccer field Valencia of Don Juan, responding to a historical demand from the users and families of the soccer fields, "

The artificial grass soccer field , responding to a historical demand from the users and families of the soccer fields, “fulfilling one of the proposals that appeared in the electoral program of the government team of Juan Pablo Watering can», As the Coyantino consistory itself pointed out yesterday in a statement, it is becoming more and more a reality.

The works, which are already underway, are advancing at a good pace and with the improvement of the facilities, they intend to be a reference for other towns of a similar size for the practice of football, since they hardly exist in the province.

The action, which was approved in an extraordinary plenary session in June, is possible thanks to holdovers general treasury of the City Council of the town that have allowed these works that exceed 319,000 euros.

According to the administrative contracting deadlines, it is expected that the works on the artificial grass soccer field in Valencia de Don Juan will be completed by mid-October if there are no setbacks.

Once completed, in addition to allowing footballers to enjoy the facility and improve their experience and enjoyment as athletes, it will mean savings in maintenance and conservation costs compared to the pre-existing natural grass, “which was unable to withstand the seasons in good condition due to the high number of teams and users of the different teams of the CD Coyanza and from the football section of the Municipal Sports Schools that used it every week for their competition or friendly matches as well as for their training sessions, ”concludes the Valencia de Don Juan City Council statement.