Valencian football re-elects Salva Gomar as president of the Federation

Save Gomar has been proclaimed today president of the Football Federation of the Valencian Community. Thus, he will preside over the FFCV four mor

Valencian football re-elects Salva Gomar as president of the Federation

Save Gomar has been proclaimed today president of the Football Federation of the Valencian Community. Thus, he will preside over the FFCV four more years, during the period 2022-2026, after having been elected in the elections for the presidency of the federal entity by ‘acclamation’. rubber he has been the only candidate who has presented himself in these last elections and therefore he has not required a vote in general Assembly to be re-elected with the support of Valencian football led by the elite clubs Valencia CF, Villarreal CF, Elche CF and Levante UD

Lawyer and professional sports manager, rubber He has a lot of previous experience in the federation and club field

Save Gomar is carrying out a program to modernize the FFCV since his arrival to the presidency, in 2018.

In that time he has launched pioneering ideas such as Braveits flagship project for women’s football that has managed to double the number of women’s licenses in the Valencian Community in four years, pandemic included.

Thanks to Brave or to initiatives such as the Giants School to federate cherubim, rubber has achieved this season the record number of licenses for the FFCV (108,000).

All this framed within a Strategic plan that has marked the basic lines of action of the FFCV.

Our Cup

It has also given a boost to amateur football with the creation of the successful ‘Our Cup’competition who gave the pass to HM the King Cup to the CD L’Alcora and that filled the second and first regional stadiums and the Liga À Punt Preferent throughout the season. This competition will also be transferred to football Brave and to futsal the next season.

The clubs have been the president’s main workhorse during his first four years in office and that is why he has increased the number of direct and indirect aids to financial amounts never seen before in the FFCV.

Grants for the development of academy, for mileage, travel bonuses, grants for teams of the highest regional category, bonuses for the licenses of boys and girls with unemployed parents… many clubs have been able to benefit from these grants.

Gomar has always been present wherever a club has requested him and, tirelessly, in these four years he has visited hundreds of clubs throughout the geography of the Valencian Community.

More transparency and communication

It has also turned the FFCV As far as transparency is concerned, placing it at the head of the most transparent sports entities in Spain.

Another of the most outstanding aspects of his administration was to urge the Mutuality for the inclusion of cardiac check-ups in all federated men and women in order to avoid, as far as possible, cases of sudden death in the Valencian Community.

All this coupled with a 180-degree change in the communication of the FFCV to be able to transfer to the world of football the dedication of the entity to improve football in the Community. This is creating a feeling of pride and belonging among the federated never before seen in our football, also accompanied for the first time by global sponsors such as the Provincial Council of Valencia either À Puntwho did not hesitate to join the project.


Futsal has received great attention from the president’s management in recent years, in which important innovations have been introduced in different competitions, such as the creation of the new Autonomous League in the cadet and child categories.

Recently, a futsal congress took place for the first time where all the aspects to be improved in this modality were debated in the Valencian Community.

Referees, coaches and training

Gomar has dedicated a good part of his first term to modernizing the management of the referees’ and coaches’ committees.

The referees have been supported at all times by the FFCV in all aspects. From the Federation Respect for the figure of the referee has been urged and the introduction of elements that help in this regard, such as the ‘Soc minor’ patch worn by minors.

The referee courses are filled every year with students who want to dedicate themselves to refereeing and FFCV pull references to bring to light all the good that this way of dedicating oneself to football has.

Something similar happens with coaching courses. Since 2019 it has been given an incredible boost, multiplying by 12 the number of students enrolled to federal courses.

from the new Technical Committee of Trainers training has been greatly enhanced. Not only in the coaching courses, but also through the Campus annual or numerous presentations by coaches already consecrated throughout the entire territory of the Valencian Community.

Salva Gomar has been proclaimed today president of the Football Federation of the Valencian Community

territorial selections

The Selection Area of ​​the FFCV it has also undergone a substantial change in the last four years. The technical staff has been provided with more and better means and has been professionalized.

In soccer, futsal and beach soccer, the teams are treated according to being the representatives of the Valencian Communitywith a pampering towards the soccer players worthy of any national team.

All selections receive the same treatment, regardless of the modality or gender.