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Iván Holguín López / @ivan_baloncesto From this Tuesday, October 26 until next Saturday, November 6, the XXI world amateur boxing ch

Iván Holguín López / @ivan_baloncesto

From this Tuesday, October 26 until next Saturday, November 6, the XXI world amateur championship, which will have the presence of 4 Creole fighters, among which the following stand out: Yoel , Nalek , Miguel Ramos and Christian Palacio.

The event, which can be seen in its entirety on the sports screens of Meridiano Televisión, from 8 pm to 11 pm, will set a new guideline for the Venezuelan boxing, one of the sports that has caused the greatest joy to the Creole fanatic in history.

The small, but talented Creole representation in Serbia will go in search of up to 4 world titles in 4 different categories 51kg, 54kg, 67kg, 86kg.

Miguel Ramos 51kg

The thinnest Creole boxer in this World Cup is the 22-year-old, Miguel Ramos. The Creole who already debuted in this World Cup and won (5-0) against Ramazan Demir of Turkey.

His second fight in the preliminaries will be the next November 1 Against his Thai counterpart Thanarat Saengphet, who today also won a unanimous decision (5-0) over Guatemalan Carlos Ramírez.

This is the first time that the one born in Valle la Pascua has participated in an AIBA World Championship.

Yoel Finol 54 kg

One of the strongest cards of the Creole delegation in this World Cup is the Olympic silver medalist, Yoel finol, which comes from competing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics where he was defeated, in the first round of the great sports fair, by unanimous decision against the Japanese Ryomei Tanaka.

This is the sThe second time in his career that Finol has played in an AIBA World Cup being the last World Cup of 2019 his World Cup debut, where he left the event without pain or glory. Finol’s debut in this World Cup in Belgrade will be on the 29th, where he will face the Ukrainian Yelmir Nabiiev.

Christian Palacio 67kg

The one born on April 19, 1996, Christian palace is a member of the team of Caciques of Venezuela, and is making his debut at the AIBA World Boxing Championship.

Recently “La Maquina” Palacio removed the breed and defeated John Gutiérrez in a split decision In the 60KG in a duel that measured Caciques against Heroicos de Colombia, the same in which the Creoles lost 4-1, with the of Palacios being the only Venezuelan point.

Nalek Korbaj 86kg

The man with the greatest weight among the Venezuelan fighters in this World Cup, is Nalek Korbaj, who participates for second time in this World Cup competition after his intervention in the 2019 World Cup. The Creole comes from participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The Rocky of Venezuela Nalek Korbaj, will open his participation in Belgrade, when he meets Christopher Luteke of the Democratic Republic of the Congo at 1:00 pm Serbian time and at 6: 00am Venezuelan time approximately, although this fight you can enjoy delayed at 8:00 pm through the Meridiano signal.