Versailles kicks off the festivities today with partner day and boxing

The program includes tonight the first musical performance by Grupo Beatriz and DJ Vieites AG AVILE.

The program includes tonight the first musical performance by Grupo Beatriz and DJ Vieites

Friday, September 2, 2022, 10:03

Today the long-awaited festivities begin, in which the motto ‘Let’s dance together again’ could not be more accurate. After two years of pandemic, the neighborhood launches a patron saint festivities that begin with the celebration of member’s day at five in the afternoon, accompanied by the gifts that the cultural association has prepared for them in honor of their support. At six o’clock in the afternoon, the TOA gym will offer a exhibition and, at ten o’clock at night, the first of the verbanas by Grupo Beatriz and also by DJ Vieites will begin.

Tomorrow, Saturday, at eleven o’clock in the morning, the collaboration with the Cluib Deportivo de Baloncesto Avilés Sur will be a 3×3 tournament and, at six o’clock in the afternoon, a singles versus married basketball game. At five o’clock, a fun activity to do as a family opens as a novelty: a go-location gymkhana. will be limited, so interested families will have to sign up by contacting the cultural association. At six o’clock, a mini-disco for the little ones and the older ones as well and, at ten o’clock at night, the verbena returns on Saturday with the Cuarta Calle orchestra and also Dj Vieites, already known for his sessions at the Xiringúelu . It is especially important to remember that there is a lilac point to prevent sexist attacks from threatening the integrity and the opportunity to enjoy the Versailles festivities to any neighbor.

On Sunday, the great street food begins at two in the afternoon, that neighborhood meeting in the party tent for which you will have to reserve a seat in the Los Canapés car park. There will also be a drinks bar available to the neighbors and the Archi grocery store will come.

At three in the afternoon, Dj Grand will liven up the table talk and, at half past eight, Raulín, the rapper so loved by Versailles, will liven up the afternoon until it culminates in the most anticipated festival. The group Tekila and DJ Vieites, once again, will shake the dance floor like it hadn’t been seen in Versalles for two years. Monday will be children’s day. All the attractions will have popular prices so that the fun does not stop. Finally, on September 8, a procession will start at 11.45 from the church of La Magdalena through Magdalena and La Paz streets and, at twelve, a mass in honor of the saint.