Versus / Argentine football starts this Friday with the presence of several Paraguayans

Paraguayans abroad Jun 3 13:20

Versus / Argentine football starts this Friday with the presence of several Paraguayans

Jun 3 13:20

The Argentine Professional Soccer League will begin a new First Division tournament this when the echoes of the consecration of Óscar Romero’s Boca Juniors as the last champion are still resonating. In addition to the “Mellizo”, other Paraguayan players will compete in the neighbor’s championship.

Boca Juniors is one of the great candidates for the Argentine title, as is its archrival River Plate. Xeneize has Óscar Romero in its ranks, who ended up playing as a starter in the last tournament. However, he is currently at the service of the National Team and will miss this Sunday’s premiere against Arsenal de Sarandí, at La Bombonera.

For his part, the “Millionaire” has two Guarani defenders in his ranks; David Martinez and Robert Rojas. The first is with the Albirroja in South Korea, while the “Sicario” is recovering from a fracture of the tibia and fibula that he suffered in April of this year for the Copa Libertadores. It is not certain that he will return to the courts even in 2022.

Another team to take into account in the Argentine championship is Estudiantes de La Plata, also classified in the second round of the Libertadores and which has in its ranks the central midfielder, Jorge Morel, who is on the Asian continent defending the Paraguayan National Team. “Pincha” is presented with the possibility of ratifying his good performances in recent times.

Racing Club, led by Fernando Gago, aroused praise for its good play, but the ineffectiveness of its performances against Boca and River Plate from Uruguay left it without a chance in the League Cup and the South American Cup, respectively. However, with the Paraguayan Matías Rojas as head, the Academy reappears as a candidate in the previous papers.

As in the previous tournament, Aldosivi appears again as the team with the most Paraguayan players in its ranks; Fernando Román, Marcos Miers and Mario López, all of them defenders.

While there are three compatriot players who do not yet have their future assured and who may not compete in Argentine soccer: Cristian Javier Báez and Ricardo Garay in Rosario Central and Pablo Adorno in Huracán.

In the case of Adorno, his continuity in the “Globo” is practically ruled out, considering that the player himself confessed that he has not been paid for a couple of months and that he will force his departure from the institution. However, nothing is official yet.

While Báez and Garay would not be taken into account by Leandro Somoza, DT of “Canalla”. The two defenders weren’t part of the main roster in the preseason.


Boca Juniors (1)

Oscar Romero

Aldosivi (3)

Fernando Roman (Defender)

Marcos Miers (Defender)

Mario Lopez (Defender)

Argentine Juniors (1)

Gabriel Avalos

Sarandí Arsenal (1)

Cristian Colman (Forward)

Banfield (1)

Erik Lopez (Forward)

Central Cordoba (2)

Jose Leguizamon (Defender)

Ivan Ramirez (Flyer)

Students La Plata (1)

Jorge Morel (Midfielder)

Gymnastics And Fencing La Plata (1)

Ramon Sosa (winger)

Godoy Cruz (1)

Juan Espinola (Goalkeeper)

Hurricane (2)

Pablo Adorno (Defender)*

Cristian Núñez (Winger)

Board of Trustees (1)

Jorge Valdez Chamorro (Midfielder)

Avellaneda Racing (1)

Matías Rojas (Flyer)

River Plate (2)

Robert Rojas (Defender) *

David Martinez (Defender)

Central Rosary (2)

Ricardo Garay (Defender)*

Javier Baez (Defender)*

San Lorenzo de Almagro (2)

Nestor Ortigoza (Midfielder)

Adam Bareiro (Forward)

Cordoba Workshops (1)

Kevin Pereira (midfielder)

Velez Sarsfield (1)

Jose Florentin (Midfielder)

Tiger (1)

Blas Armoa (Forward)

They may not continue in the club.


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Paraguayan Soccer

Jun 3 12:43

Guaraní is another team that will seek to strengthen itself in the best way for this second semester and is already working on it. From what was known, one of the priorities is to get an experienced goalkeeper and there is a main one pointed out by the board.

The goalkeeper Alfredo Aguilar, currently in Olimpia, is in the interest of Guaraní, according to the journalist from Nación Media, Daniel Serna. The Santaniano’s contract with the fringed institution is until the end of 2022 and at the moment there are no signs of a possible renewal.

But there is always a but. And it is that Guaraní is not the only one who wants Aguilar, since he has other offers from abroad, specifically from soccer in Brazil and Argentina. The aurinegra board of directors will likewise make an attempt to repatriate the goalkeeper in this transfer market.

The 33-year-old soccer player has an important career in the Dos Bocas team, where he was in his first cycle from 2007 to 2017. He was champion with Guaraní in 2010 and also in the 2016 season.

June 3, 2022

The National Team is preparing for the second friendly on this FIFA date, which will be on the 10th of this month against South Korea. After the defeat against Japan by a landslide, the mission of those led by Guillermo Barros Schelotto is to improve the image a little in terms of performance.

For this match, which will be in Suwon, Korea, the red-and-white squad is already complete with the arrival of more players who were not taken into account in the first friendly.

The figures that joined the “Suwon World Cup Stadium” training complex: Gustavo Gómez, Fabián Balbuena, Sebastián Ferreira, Iván Cazal and Mathías Villasanti.

Looking ahead to the game against the Koreans, Guillermo Barros Schelotto will change the team quite a bit. As for the work, those who played against the Japanese did recovery exercises in the gym, while the rest were at the coach’s disposal with intense soccer practice.