Versus / Argentine football starts with the presence of 26 Paraguayan players

Paraguayans abroad Feb 10 11:58

Versus / Argentine football starts with the presence of 26 Paraguayan players

Feb 10 11:58

The 2022 Argentine soccer season will begin this Thursday, February 10, and will have the participation of 26 Paraguayan soccer in total. It should be noted that 17 of the 28 teams that will compete this year in the highest category have at least one Guarani player on their squad.

Atlético Aldosivi, based in Mar del Plata, is the Argentine club with the most Paraguayan soccer players on its squad to start a new adventure in the First Division. He has three in total and all of them defenders; Fernando Roman, Marcos Miers and Mario Lopez.

Among those who recently arrived for this season are players who last year were competing in large teams in our country such as Olimpia, Cerro Porteño, Guaraní and Libertad: Ramón Sosa (Gymnastics), Aldo Maíz (Arsenal de Sarandí), Pablo Adorno (Huracán ), José Florentín (Vélez Sarsfield) and Javier Báez (Rosario Central).

Other Guarani players who are going to venture into competitive Argentine soccer this year are Erik López (Banfield), Iván Ramírez and José Leguizamón (Central Córdoba), Jorge Valdez Chamorro (Board of Trustees).

It should be remembered that the creative midfielder, Kevin Pereira, one of the jewels to be polished in Paraguayan , signed for Talleres de Córdoba from Deportivo Capiatá, after making a great campaign in the 2021 Intermediate Division.

While forward Adam Bareiro returns to San Lorenzo de Almagro, a team where he already had a step in the past.

In the case of attacker Cristian Colmán, who continues to appear in Godoy Cruz’s squad, he would have another destination but in Argentine football; there is talk of Gimnasia and Esgrima La Plata or Arsenal de Sarandí as possible destinations for him.


Aldosivi (3)

Fernando Roman (Defender)

Marcos Miers (Defender)

Mario Lopez (Defender)

Argentine Juniors (1)

Gabriel Avalos

Sarandí Arsenal (1)

Aldo Corn (Flyer)

Banfield (1)

Erik Lopez (Forward)

Central Cordoba (2)

Jose Leguizamon (Defender)

Ivan Ramirez (Flyer)

Defense and Justice (1)

Hugo Fernandez (flyer)

Students La Plata (1)

Jorge Morel (Midfielder)

Gymnastics And Fencing La Plata (1)

Ramon Sosa (winger)

Godoy Cruz (2)

Juan Espinola (Goalkeeper)

Cristian Colman (Forward)

Hurricane (2)

Pablo Adorno (Defender)

Cristian Núñez (Winger)

Board of Trustees (2)

Lucas Barrios (Forward)

Jorge Valdez Chamorro (Midfielder)

Avellaneda Racing (1)

Matías Rojas (Flyer)

River Plate (2)

Robert Rojas (Defender)

David Martinez (Defender)

Central Rosary (2)

Ricardo Garay (Defender)

Javier Baez (Defender)

San Lorenzo de Almagro (2)

Nestor Ortigoza (Midfielder)

Adam Bareiro (Forward)

Cordoba Workshops (1)

Kevin Pereira (midfielder)

Velez Sarsfield (1)

Jose Florentin (Midfielder)


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Paraguayan Soccer

Feb 10 10:35

Olimpia began by winning the Copa Libertadores with a goal from Jorge Recalde, thus successfully starting their new continental adventure.

The dean victory generated a lot of longing and emotion in fans, as well as in former players. This is the case of Uruguayan winger Robert Ergas, currently at Cerro Largo in his country.

The defender was attentive to the Dean’s game against César Vallejo from Peru and during the game he said he was excited to see his former team. “I see Olimpia and everything generates me… How I miss you,” Ergas wrote on his Twitter account.

Ergas played just 5 games with the striped shirt in one year. He was harmed by a cruciate ligament injury and after recovering, Olimpia no longer wanted to count on his for the following season.


The experienced Colombian soccer player, Vladimir Marín, continues to leave his mark on soccer in the interior. “Pelado” signed a new work of art with the shirt of the Obreros Unidos de Hernandarias club that is excited to reach the 2022 Paraguay Cup.

The coffee grower scored a real goal in the first leg of the Alto Paraná Departmental Phase against Sol del Este in Ciudad del Este. With three fingers and a lot of slack, Marín sent it to save with a left footed shot from a corner kick. His beautiful entry quickly went viral on social media.

It should be remembered that the 42-year-old soccer player had just scored a free kick in the final of the Hernandariense de Fútbol League where Obreros Unidos became the brand new champion.

As for the commitment against the team from Este, it was finally a victory for the red-and-green team by 3-1 playing away with goals from Vladimir Marín, Enrique Peralta and Fredy Samaniego. While the only goal for the local team was scored by Roberto Rolón.

It should be remembered that Marín achieved 5 consecrations in the First Division of Paraguayan soccer; 4 with Libertad and one with Olimpia, the remembered Clausura 2011 with which the Franjeado cut a long drought of titles.