Versus / The terrifying accident that occurred at the British Formula 1 Grand Prix

The Formula 1 British Grand Prix had a rocky start that left everyone perplexed and incred

Versus / The terrifying accident that occurred at the British Formula 1 Grand Prix

The 1 Grand Prix had a rocky start that left everyone perplexed and incredulous after a terrifying that occurred in the first corner of the race.

Five cars were involved in the accident where the Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu, from the Alfa Romero team, took the worst part and gave the most chilling scene in the category in recent years.

Approaching the Abbey corner, the first of the Silverstone circuit, Mercedes’ George Russell ended up losing control of his car after being hit on the back by French Alpha Tauri driver Pierre Gasly.

This caused Russell’s Mercedes to hit Zhou’s car at high speed, which was coming from the left lane and preparing to take the fast right-hander.

The Alfa Romero overturned and a very high speed was uncontrolled by the gravel and ended up on the other side of the containment barriers and narrowly missed the grandstands.

Alexander Albon’s Williams was another of those involved in the spectacular accident, in addition to Yuki Tsunoda’s Alpha Tauri.

Despite the spectacular and terrifying nature of the accident, all the pilots were unharmed. Alpha Romero reported that Zhou, who got the worst of it, “is conscious and under evaluation at the circuit’s medical center.”

While Valtteri Bottas’s engineer, Zhou’s teammate, reported that the Chinese driver, in addition to being conscious, “is speaking and has no fractures. Considering the circumstances, he is very well.”


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Jul 3 09:58

With a majority of youths, Cerro Porteño closed the Apertura tournament with a victory that allowed it to reach a record and ratifying the great championship it achieved, despite being behind Libertad.

Francisco Arce’s team reached 50 points and became the runner-up with the best harvest in the history of short tournaments, surpassing his own vice-championship record with 49 points in Clausura 2007.

Azulgrana had a campaign worthy of a champion, achieving 16 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses, but even so, they were a considerable distance behind Libertad, who was superior in every way and managed to get 7 points from the second.

For the third time, Francisco Arce reached the 50-point line as manager of Cerro Porteño, but this will be the first time that he does not claim champion. In 2013, where he won the title undefeated, having won 14 games and tied 8, with 50 units.

While in the Apertura 2020, he became champion with the 50 points that came as a result of 15 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses.


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Libertad closed the Apertura tournament with 18 wins, 3 draws and only 1 loss, reaching his own record of 57 points, established in the 2008 Apertura tournament with Rubén Israel as DT.