Vettel reveals why he is retiring from Formula 1: “It involves aspects that I hate”

Sebastian Vettel has revealed, along with the statement announcing that he was retiring, what are the reasons that have made him leave the Great Ci

Sebastian has revealed, along with the statement announcing that he was retiring, what are the that have made him leave the Great Circus. Among them, he highlights the incompatibility and internal dilemma that being a racing driver entails at the same time as ecologist.

Sebastian Vettel has revealed that until shortly before the announcement, I had nothing clear what to do with his future, in fact, at the French GP he stated that he would continue. Finally, he has chosen not to continue in 1, however, he will not compete anywhere else, as he believes that the queen category is unmatched.

“Just 24 hours ago and I was in a internal debate in which he was not convinced of anything. I will not compete anymore, in any categorythe adrenaline of F1 cannot be felt anywhere else,” confessed the four-time world champion.

But the idea of ​​​​leaving Formula 1 has been in the head of the German driver for months. On The Question Time, a BBC talk show, he has already openly commented that suffered from inconsistency what it meant to be an environmentalist and, in turn, to belong to the Great Circus.

It’s something I’m wondering, if I should race in F1 and travel the world. My passion is driving, every time I get in the car I love it. But every time I get off I think: ‘We should do this, travel the world and spend resources?’, Vettel wondered then.

Now, the Aston Martin driver has already found the answer to his doubts and he does not want to continue in a sport that involves conditions that are not to his liking.

“My passion involves certain things I’ve learned to hate. Talking is not enough and we cannot afford to wait. No alternative. The race is already underway,” said German.

Sebastian Vettel announces his retirement from Formula 1: “I want to spend more time with my family”

His family, the other reason

Vettel has three children, two girls: Emily and Matilda, who were born in 2014 and 2015 respectively, and their youngest son whom they welcomed in 2019. In addition, that same year he married Hanna Prater, with whom he had been in a relationship since They went to high school together.

Your family is the fundamental pillar of the four-time champion’s life, a life that has always been very private to protect his own: “My goals have changed from winning races and fighting for championships to see my children grow up and pass on values”, he assured to conclude.