Vettel’s ‘million’ for skipping the drivers’ meeting

Published: Saturday, 09 July, 2022 19:4

Tantrums are expensive in Formula 1. Vettel has been fined by the FIA ​​after leaving Friday’s drivers’ briefing before it was over.

The German had an argument with the stewards over the current application of the rules and, when the tension had run high, Vettel walked out of the session. Something that supposes an infraction of the International Sporting Code.

“The driver, Sebastian Vettel, left the drivers’ meeting which was held this Friday July 8 at 7:30 p.m., without permission and expressing his frustration,” the FIA ​​statement said.

“Drivers are not free to leave whenever they want, as this is a breach of their obligation to attend. Drivers at this level are an example to all other drivers and, in the opinion of the stewards, Vettel was not at ease. height in this case,” he continues.

A conversation that saves you from paying the fine

The Aston Martin driver was called to testify and it seems that the explanations ended up convincing the Race Director, since, finally, he was fined 25,000 euros, which is suspended until the end of the season.

“Vettel met with the Race Director, who informed the stewards that Vettel had apologized and that they also had a very constructive conversation about the same issues as the meeting and other matters. The stewards determine that there is a clear infringement. , which cannot go unpunished, but based on the Race Director’s report, there are mitigating factors,” the statement explained.

“Therefore, the stewards sentence him with a fine of €25,000, which is suspended for the remainder of the 2022 season, notwithstanding any breach of article 20.1 of the FIA ​​Formula 1 Sporting Regulations or article 12.2.1. f) of the International Sports Code”.

This means that Vettel is not obliged to pay the fine as long as he does not commit a similar infringement of the International Sporting Code again.