Video: Formula 1 drivers reviewed their predictions: were they right?

The Formula 1 had an exciting finale last Sunday in Abu Dhabi, with the victory of Max verstappen and his consecration as world champion. Now, wi

The had an exciting finale last Sunday in Abu Dhabi, with the victory of Max verstappen and his consecration as world champion. Now, with the engines off, it is a time of review and reflection on the entire season for the drivers: the official YouTube channel of the F1 published the reaction of the runners to their own predictions for 2021 and the result was, for some, hilarious and, for others, quite disastrous.

At the beginning of the year, at the Bahrain Grand Prix, the stars of F1 They had to answer three questions and put their answers in an envelope that cannot be opened until the last GP of the year, in Abu Dhabi. The grace of the predictions is that many did not even remember that they answered in March and they got a big surprise when they saw their answers.

One that did not hit at all was the pilot of Ferrari, Charles Leclerc. The Monegasque predicted that his favorite careers would be Monaco, where he was born, and Monza, where the “Prancing Horse” is local. In Monaco, the young driver of Ferrari, who had taken pole, could not even start the race, while in the Italian Grand Prix he finished fourth, a mediocre result considering that neither Lewis Hamilton nor Verstappen finished the race.

Leclerc’s anger for not having started in Monaco

In this type of game, the most comical ones always stand out and one of them is Lando norris, the British McLaren driver. Norris, much loved by fans for his sense of humor, predicted that Daniel Ricciardo, your teammate, would be “more stripped” than before. Norris assured that this is true, which caused laughter from the interviewer and the Australian.

McLaren drivers are two of F1’s pranksters

The world champion was also correct in his prediction: Verstappen He responded in March that he was going to win six races and drink gin and tonic. Mad max saw the checkered flag before anyone else at 10 grands prix: “I won more than six races and had a good amount of gin and tonic, so it’s not that bad, is it?” joked the Dutch.

Finally, the pilot who stole all the laughs and his reaction went viral on the networks was Kimi raikkonen. The Finnish driver had a humorous prediction: according to his style, he replied that nothing would surprise him about the season and that his favorite race would be Abu Dhabi, because it was the last of his career. These responses surprised the interviewer, who did not believe the last world champion with Ferrari, until Raikkonen He showed him his role and said goodbye with a “bye”, in a typical “The Iceman” reaction.