Warriors destroy Pelicans on autopilot

Good looking have the Warriors. Seventh win in eight games out of Klay Thompson and James Wiseman. The Pelicans look bad. Ninth loss in ten gam

Good looking have the Warriors. Seventh win in eight games out of Klay Thompson and James Wiseman. The Pelicans look bad. Ninth loss in ten games without yet being able to count on Zion Williamson. They are two totally opposite sides of history, on one side and the other, for the teams that met at the Chase Center on Friday night. The result could not be described as a surprise: a review of the premises, which ended in 126-85.

Nobody would have said it watching the first half. Those of San Francisco were even in trouble to be linking positive actions and the benches, especially Gary Payton, had to arrive to raise the level of the team a little. From a bright first room on both sides, it went to one of mist and darkness and, after that, the resolution in a second half in which Kerr’s people took out the broom to sweep. The partial total in the last two sleeves, 72-35.

Nor is it to be happy that Willy Hernangómez saw minutes on the track. Not the way that you did. There were three of them and he was not even successful. He took advantage of the fact that Hayes did not play, but to no avail. His situation in Willie Green’s rotation is not positive. We have a similar example in another game this day, the Wizards-Grizzlies: Santi Aldama played ten minutes but without incident, with his team losing by many points, on a night in which his people from Loyola-Maryland, the university he left last summer to go to the NBA, went to see him Washington dc Neither of the two Spaniards closed the night with a smile for their performance on the floor and, Like Juancho or Garuba, he does not have the fortune, if we want to call him that, in this start of the course.

In the case of these Warriors we talk about real things. It is not only the balance in the classification, also the forms. Against the Pelicans, even Stephen Curry, who missed ten of his fifteen shots from the field, did not play well, but there are many actors doing well. They only let them get 85. In addition to shining for their offensive combinations, the same thing happens that happened in their golden years: they put aside the defense they practice, which is invaluable. Right now they are the ones that receive the least points of the entire competition and are in leading numbers if we take all the teams from all over the century.

The plays that Valanciunas finished and some sporadic outside shot by Graham kept, and here there was a surprise, the Pels in the game. This was in the second room. Ingram wasn’t there either, not just Williamson, and offensive options on the team are scarce if they’re not there, so they got where they got. The Warriors tightened the rope hard in the third period, forcing their rival to shoot very complicated shots and making a difference on the scoreboard rise like foam that was put in the twenties almost in a breath.

The conductors Iguodala and Green, neither of them being a point guard, divided the game so that Wiggins, Payton or Poole, the best of the game with 26 points and shining again as Curry’s partner, would finish. They were elaborate plays in which, in the last steps, someone from the visiting defense was lost and easy baskets arrived. It happened to Willy too, that’s why Valanciunas came back so fast. The difference became abysmal and, later, unseemly. 41 away while still in the first month of the season.