WBC plans to open a category for transgender boxers

ANDthis morning the president of WBC, Mauricio Sulaymanofficially announced: Acapulco will host the most important boxing event of the year, the An

ANDthis morning the president of WBC, Mauricio Sulaymanofficially announced: Acapulco will host the most important event of the year, the Annual convention of the World Boxing Council in its 60th edition.

One of the most iconic tourist destinations, nestled in a bay located in the Mexican state of Guerrero, has received numerous celebrities and personalities worldwide.

acapulco is the destination par excellence to spend days at the beach and sea, but also the perfect place to enjoy an excellent gastronomy, culture, ecotourism and even nightlifea vibrant place that this year will host a Convention that promises to be unforgettable, because for the first time in the history of our beloved sport, acapulco opens its doors to the boxing family from November 6 to 11.

mauritius sulayman He stated that the preparations have already begun and the Port of Acapulco and the CMBThey prepare a convention full of magic and a lot of boxing, where surprises will be added to this great celebration.

We will be attended by hundreds of our beloved champions and former world champions, promoters and various international boxing stars.

A celebration, but also a lot of work because as always we will have presentations, medical seminar, approval of world rankings, mandatory fight session, seminars for ring officials, judges and referees, visit CMB Cares and workshops, all previous. with the firm purpose of enriching and updating boxing, always thinking about the safety and health of the boxer.

He commented that in the next few days more information will be released so that no one is left out of this historical event.

There could be a transgender league

At the conventions of WBC several topics are always touched, on this occasion mauritius sulayman I commented that the topic of the transgender boxers, said the WBC has always distinguished itself by supporting minorities and being inclusive at all times.

“First you have to understand that the World Boxing Council It is based on very important principles and values, we have been filters in world sport to reject any type of discrimination, we have always been inclusive and, in addition, the most important base is the safety of the boxer, of the athlete, that is an issue that is very precise.

The World Boxing Council is addressing this issue, we are looking at options including a possible league of transgender boxing, the main thing is to take care of who gets into the ring, that’s why we pay a lot of attention, that’s why we have put many different rules in female boxing than in male boxing; So you have to be very careful, all things being equal when you get in the ring,” he told Exclsior.