“We are the first to want to help Bagnaia”

More than happy or crazy happy, Pablo Nieto was relaxed and relieved after Q2 in the hospitality of the Mooney VR46 in the Buriram paddock. He fel

More than happy or crazy happy, Pablo Nieto was relaxed and relieved after Q2 in the hospitality of the Mooney VR46 in the Buriram paddock. He felt that pleasant feeling of a job well done and he had the mobile close at hand in which Valentino Rossi, his boss, had just congratulated him on the pole position achieved in the Thai GP by Marco Bezzecchi. It was the first for the Italian in MotoGP and also the first for the Maestro’s son as team manager in the premier class.

“It is the first pole position in MotoGP, for a new team and with rookie riders in the box. It’s something amazing. We are showing that we are doing a very good job, ”he began by telling AS before delving into his personal emotions:“ On a personal level, it is growing. I am growing as a person and as a team manager. I am very happy for the opportunity they have given me and I think we are doing a spectacular job and the results are beginning to be seen. For my part, this pole goes to the boss, and I don’t mean Valentino but my father.”

More: “Obviously, a pole position in MotoGP tastes better than in any other category, but not more than a victory in Moto2 or Moto3. A win is a win. On Sundays it is very difficult to win in any category and MotoGP may be the most difficult due to the great level of riders there are, but for now we are first”.

Regarding the congratulations from The Doctor, Pablete says: “The boss immediately congratulated us on WhatsApp and he is super happy. Also, Marini is doing some very good last races. He has asked me to hug the whole team. He is missed here, true, but he has many races with the theme of cars and wherever he goes he has that special aurea that only he has. He will come to Valencia”.

When mentioning Marini, we told him how important his help was for Bagnaia on Friday, and there he only remembers that Pecco is also an Academy VR46 pilot and makes it clear that they are with him, but at what price… “ Luca helped Pecco because in the end we are the Academy. We have four riders in MotoGP and if we could help, obviously we would. What happens is that tomorrow it will be difficult to help Pecco, because if Bezzecchi is to get his first victory in MotoGP… We will have to see everything ”. That raises the million dollar question, would Bezzecchi be willing to let Bagnaia win for the benefit of his title fight. The middle of the Nieto brothers laughs and answers: “Good question. Now we have to enjoy this moment and then talk about it all well. I imagine that in a few minutes all the Ducati messages for tomorrow will appear. Dall’Igna has already been in the box, yes. These requests for help always come later, but we are the first ones who want to help Pecco.”

And meanwhile, Quartararo alone in the face of danger, fourth on the grid and sandwiched between six Ducati, three ahead and three behind…