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“We have it clear”: Carlos Sainz revealed the formula to defeat Red Bull Racing

After 13 races, entered its summer break. This season has been characterized by the fight at the top of the grid that has Ferrari and Red Bull as protagonists. In this context, it is key to highlight the balance made by Carlos Sainz on the first stage of the championship.

The driver from Madrid got his first victory in Formula 1 at the British Grand Prix. Carlos Sainz He is fifth in the world championship, but his team needs the best possible points harvest if it wants to continue to aspire to conquer the constructors’ world championship. This is how we must point out the difference between Red Bull and the Italian team, which amounts to almost 100 points.

Ferrari adds four wins, one for Sainz and three for Leclerc

So that, Carlos Sainz He referred to the keys to beating the Red Bulls team, who have suffered fewer reliability setbacks than the Italian team. This is how Sainz was confident for the coming nine races.

“At Ferrari we are clear about what we have to do, which is to win those races that Max wants to win. Because obviously getting those 25 points makes a big difference in the end. I think there are still a lot of things that could happen at the top of the table. Appointment after appointment a great battle is taking place between the two teams”, said the rider from Madrid.

On the other hand, the Spanish driver highlighted the difficulty of overcoming 97 points to a team that has a more reliable car than the F1-75. Those from Maranello have suffered reliability problems, the last one at the Austrian Grand Prix, where Sainz was marginalized, when he was fighting for the podium.

The Italian team has erred in strategies


“It is true that maybe at some point we need a little help from Red Bull. That they have reliability problems and dropouts, but even without that, statistically if it’s open, it’s open and you can’t give up.” Carlos Sainz in dialogue with “Motorsportweek”.

Similarly, it should be noted that the performance of Spanish has been on the rise and became the second from his country to achieve glory in the premier category of motorsports.

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