“We see a changing of the guard”

Published: Wednesday, May 11, 2022 18:42

Lewis Hamilton is clearly behind George Russell. That is what this start of 2022 has shown. In driving, in sensations and also in the points. Furthermore, the tension between the seven-time champion and Mercedes is evident after the latest results.

Jacques Villeneuve, Formula 1 champion, has stated that “the changing of the guard at Mercedes has arrived: “Russell is riding the wave and Hamilton is trying not to drown”.

“After so many years of winning without competition, it’s hard to wake up and realize it’s not that easy,” Villeneuve says of the British veteran, whose year is turning into a nightmare after the late last night against Max. Verstappen.

“Now he has to drive like he did in his first two years in Formula 1, which is what Russell is doing now. In the race Russell made the decision: ‘Leave me out’, maybe a safety car will come.” And it was worth it,” he explains.

And he talks about “champion luck”: “Lewis champion luck seems to have deserted him. He doesn’t have the drive and nothing is going in his favor. It’s going to be a tough fight, but Lewis is a competitor and a champion.”

“He is bitter and feels like he was robbed. But you can see from the way Max Verstappen drives that he didn’t steal the title at all and he is a deserved champion.”