WEEKLY EL TIEMPO PERGAMINO Very good fights at the amateur boxing festival last Friday

Monday, July 18, 2022 IN THE COMPANY CLUB As planned, a new amateur boxing festival was held last Friday at the Compa

Monday, July 18, 2022


As planned, a new amateur boxing festival was held last Friday at the Compañía de Pergamino Club, organized by Kan Producciones, before a very good audience.

Those present enjoyed good fights between local boxers against fighters from Ramallo and also from Buenos Aires.

The evening began with the clash between Pergamin Leo Acosta and Alejandro Azorin de Ramallo, who offered three intense rounds, back and forth, and it was Acosta who once again showed all his dedication to carry out a tough fight and therefore stayed with the triumph in unanimous decision.

Then it was the turn of Maxi Pereyra and Alexis Agüero, both from our city. The latter was superior and took the win by points in unanimous decision.

In the third fight, a promising figure entered the ring, Franco Guiñez, who lived in Tigre, but who lived in Pergamino and his father was one of the outstanding boxers of other times. This time he faced Federico Max from Buenos Aires and there were two regional titles at stake. It was a very good fight, with two boxers with technique who left everything in the ring. It was Guiñez who managed the fight but his rival resisted until the end. In any case, Guiñez took the win on points and kept both titles.

In the fourth match, Nicolás González (Parchment) vs. Brandon Hermann from José C Paz (Bs. As.). This time the local boxer had a strong rival and although he lost on points, he sought to reverse history until the last second but Hermann made a difference on the scorecards and took the victory.

In the fifth fight, Alejandro Bianco from Pergamino and Federico Salazar from Buenos Aires faced each other. Bianco showed all his potential again, he worked very well from the beginning, taking good combinations of blows and at the end of the first round he sent his rival to the canvas who could not recover and that way Bianco got the victory by knockout .

In the background fight, Fernando Rojo from Pergamin and Brian Agüero from Buenos Aires faced each other and gave another very good fight. The two had their moments throughout the three rounds, the process was intense and even, that’s why the juries gave a draw.

Without a doubt, there was another night of good amateur boxing despite the cold, and people enjoyed a good show. A new festival will be held in mid-August and again the rivals of the local boxers will be from Buenos Aires.