What boxing left in Firefighters

Boxing returned to the Pedro Estremador gym, from Volunteer Firefighters.The most important thing was that everything was done for Santi.Santi is

Boxing returned to the Pedro Estremador gym, from Volunteer Firefighters.

The most important thing was that everything was done for Santi.

Santi is Santiago Ezequiel Sanchez.

It is worth remembering that the teenager, in December 2020, suffered valvular dysfunction, along with cardiac shock and a stroke.

Since then, thanks to the efforts of his parents, in a hustle and bustle that the citizens accompanied, Santi has managed to take unexpected steps of recovery.

In reality, more than anything, everything is produced by Santi’s own willpower, which thus seems to respond to the support of a large part of society.

Thus, for example, the Pedro Estremador, on Friday night, was well attended by people.

And, from the boxing point of view, nothing was missing.

Below the ring, great legends; above, mostly, good boxing.

Marcela “La Tigresa” Acuña and Omar “El Huracán” Narváez came to the city especially to attend the evening.

At some point, Narváez went up to the ring to accompany his son, Junior, also a boxer, from the corner (who won a great victory), but the rest of the time, he was on the gym floor, ready to take a photo with who came close

And what about the Tigress?

Throughout the night he showed off a smile and sympathy that did not wane no matter how long the boxing show lasted.

She was always predisposed to receive those who wanted to talk briefly or be photographed with her.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that –from the hands of their parents– the children were very happy to be able to share a moment with “La Tigresa”.

There was also the presence of figures that are the pride of Bariloche, people who once knew how to show off their boxing: the Hernández brothers, Hugo –“Pajarito– and Héctor –“Yeyé”– (above the ring, there was a third brother, who refereed several of the contests).

As for the fights, the entertainment exceeded expectations.

Nothing was missing, except a knockout.

Although in the last dispute, the only one of a professional nature, there was a fall that did not reach 10 in the count.

In short, during the night, in a fight they threw in the towel, there were a couple of unfair rulings –whistles from the public included–, women who showed remarkable fierceness and courage, some cuts, a fight where it would not have been bad for the corner would say “enough, they beat you too much”promises that showed less than expected, boxers that came without making a fuss and shone between the ropes, and much more…

To all this we can add, as a color fact, that, in the background fight, the winner was Gastón Vega, from Chichinales, where he is also… Director of Sports!

Another thing: nobody objected to the cards that, after six rounds, saw Vega win over Damián Davies, from Chubut, but it was inexplicable that a jury gave the winner 65! points, when the maximum, for that number of rounds, is 60…