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What happened to Muhammad Ali? At what age did he die, what…

What happened to Muhammad Ali? At what age did he die, what…

The most controversial and successful boxer in the world had an unexpected end, we tell you what happened to him Muhammad Ali. In this text of LEFT PUNCH you can check what disease he had, what part of the body affected him and at what age he died.

Without a doubt, a boxer who changed the way of seeing the athlete and how they are references for a percentage of the population. The disease reduced his condition and then we saw what lies behind a professional boxer.

What happened to Muhammad Ali?

The darkest part of his life came after his retirement. It all started when his wife, Lonnieobserved that the former boxer’s thumb trembled when he prayed.

Photo: New York Times

In 1984, three years after his retirement, on his 42nd birthday, Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. A disease that attacks neurons that produce dopamine, a brain chemical that helps control muscle movement and regulate emotions.

People’s bodies tremble and they tend to have trouble speaking, they can even become immobile.

The suffering of Muhammad He presented from the age of 40 and only on one side of the body, he remained asymmetric throughout his illness. In therapies he responded well to dopamine replacement.

In 1997, Ali founded together with the philanthropist Jimmy Walker and the doctor Abraham Libermanthe Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center. Where people with the condition are cared for regardless of economic capacity.

The legendary boxer passed away on June 3, 2016, just at the age of 74. Officially, the cause of death was “septic shock due to unspecified natural causes.”

Is boxing associated with Parkinson’s?

Many believe that boxing and blows to the head caused the condition to Muhammad. There are even anecdotes that the boxer himself took off his protector and asked to be hit on the head to imply that he was the best.

the same Ali He calculated that he received about 29,000 blows to his head in 61 fights he had as a professional. Although, studies by several specialists indicate that these are not directly related to Parkinson’s, but to brain injuries.

A query made by Univision a Michael S Okun, medical director of the National Parkinson Foundation. He explains: “Although it has been widely assumed by the public that Muhammad Ali’s symptoms are the result of head injuries sustained from boxing, this assessment may not be accurate.”

The most accepted theory is that the blows contributed to the appearance of the disease, but combined with other factors such as genetic susceptibility or certain environmental elements.


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