What have been the most tragic accidents in F1?

Speed ​​carries implicit risk. Formula 1 cars can exceed 300km/h At these speeds, any mistake or problem with the car can be very dangerous. This

Speed ​​carries implicit risk. Formula 1 cars can exceed 300km/h At these speeds, any mistake or problem with the car can be very dangerous. This can lead to serious injuries and, in the worst cases, can cost you your life.

The F1 accidents that have cost drivers their lives

We will all remember that fateful May 1, 1994. The former three-time Formula 1 world champion lost his life in the San Marino Grand Prix.

ran the lap 7 and the race was resumed after an incident at the start. The Brazilian’s car did not take the Tamburello curve and crashed into the retaining wall. The impact was such that a suspension rod pierced through helmet and visor causing great problems in his brain causing him to lose his brain mass.

Circuit doctors treated him on the spot and later transferred to the hospital by helicopter. Hours later his death was announced.

This accident caused safety and security regulations will change of and for the drivers.

This would be the point and apart from the deaths in this sport since in the 20th century there were more than twenty. As a result of the changes, “fortunately” in recent years only one driver has lost his life driving a Formula 1 car.

Just one day before Senna’s death, the Austrian Roland Ratzenberger passed away while competing for qualifying positions.

He was making his lap when he lost the rear wing, his car lost grip and almost 300 Km/h hit a wall and lost his life on the spot suffering a fracture at the base of his skull.

This Canadian was recognized for his great skill at the wheel. The May 8, 1982his car collided with that of Jochen Mass when he was about 255km/h causing the car to fly and he was thrown and his body hit a mesh at the Belgian Grand Prix.

He was transferred to the hospital and was connected for a few hours to a ventilator being brain dead. After his wife arrived, they disconnected him and he died the day after suffering that fateful accident.

The start of the Italian Grand Prix on September 11, 1978 It turned into a real hell. Several cars collided, including Peterson’s. His vehicle left the track crashing into barriers. The car began to burn and James Hunt, Clay Regazzoni and Patrick Depallier helped him and pulled him out of the flames.

The toilets took a long time to arrive since it had been a massive crash and there were more injured and he, being conscious, did not give him priority. His body had various fractures and when he was operated on at their hospital he suffered several complications and died hours later.

The South African Grand Prix in march 77 witnessed the death of this Welsh pilot. It is considered one of the most shocking Formula 1 .

Your teammate’s car, Renzo Zorzi, went out to burn and two workers They approached the area where he was to put out the flames. At the time, Tom was traveling at 270 km/h and did not see what was happening. ran over to one of them and extinguisher that he was carrying went flying and hit the hull of the pilot Pryce causing him to lose his life instantly. A tragedy that took two lives ahead.

After the security was tightened, accidents of this type that ended badly were reduced to 2014.

The Italian Jules Bianchi did not lose his life on the circuit, but he did as a result of a fatal incident on the Japanese Grand Prix. On June 17 of this year the weather conditions were not the best and the race started behind the Safety Car and was interrupted throughout the race for the same reason.

He was running lap 41 when the Italian lost control of the car in a corner some 200km/h with such bad luck that at that moment a crane he was removing Adrian Sutil’s car, which had also left. the car bumped into her causing serious injury.

The helicopter could not fly due to the weather conditions and that meant that his transfer had repercussions on his state of health. He was put into a coma and nine months later he passed away at just 25 years old.

The most spectacular accidents in Formula 1

During the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix, the same weekend that Ayrton Senna and Ronald Ratzenberger lost their lives, the Brazilian pilot suffered a very spectacular accident. The single-seater deviated from the track and rose with all four wheels in the air to later collide with the tire barrier. He suffered an accident of more than 90G, which made him lose his breath for six minutes. He also claimed to have lost memory for a month because of the strong impact.

In the 2001 Belgian Grand Prix, The Brazilian rider suffered an accident that left him out of the premier class forever. In a collision with his teammate, Eddie Irvine, Burti went straight into the tire guards at breakneck speed: 300km/h. Could not end the season and spent the next three years as a test driver for Ferrari, while also taking medication to prevent seizures caused by the accident.

The Polish pilot suffered an accident during the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix that was etched in the minds of many viewers. Kubica had contact with Jarno Trulli, so he entered a corner well past and he was fired when he touched the grass; when she landed he gave a bell flip crossing the circuit until some protections stopped the trajectory of the single-seater. The most surprising thing is that he only suffered a sprained ankle, but the team banned from competing at the following Grand Prix and was replaced by Sebastian Vettel.

In the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prixa nut that was ejected from Rubens Barrichello’s car hit directly against the pilot’s helmet Brazilian at high speeds. Naturally, after an impact like this, Massa passed out and collided with the protections. He was unable to compete again during that season, but was able to return for 2010.

The most spectacular accident in recent years was carried out by the French pilot during the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2020. At the start, he had a contact with Daniil Kvyat that sent him against the protections, only that the impact was not just any: the car was split in two And started to burn immediately. In addition, Grosjean was stuck between the protections. Luckily, he summoned the strength to get out on his own. The Burns who suffered at the hands required several surgeriesbut that hasn’t stopped him from competing in IndyCar ever since.