What is Fernando Alonso’s biggest comeback in Formula 1? The complete list of epic races of the Spaniard

Fernando Alonso It's one of the best pilots of the history of Formula 1 for its ability to adapt to circumstances. The Spaniard has shown time and

Fernando Alonso It’s one of the best pilots of the history of Formula 1 for its ability to adapt to circumstances. The Spaniard has shown time and time again that he can perform just as well when he has a competitive car as when he has to fight for the last positions. A peculiarity that has made him the protagonist of many comebacks.

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The last one happened in Spanish Grand Prix 2022 where Alonso started in last place (20th), but managed to rise to 9th place. A promotion of eleven positions which made him leave Montmeló with a great result.

However, the race in Spain was not his best career comeback. In fact he is not even among the top three. What have been your best performances in relation to starting position? Next the complete list.

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What are Fernando Alonso’s greatest comebacks in Formula 1?

The biggest comeback of the race Alonso in F1 is so far the one made in the 2010 Monaco Grand Prix. On that occasion the Spaniard made a mistake in Free Practice 3 that sent him to the wall and prevented him from qualifying. The contender for the World Cup had to recover positions in the least ideal place in the championship but managed to win 18 positions.

It should be noted that 9 pilots withdrew and saw the checkered flag 7th, but a penalty on Schumacher raised him to 6th place.

On the other hand, we must highlight the two great careers he had in 2016 with McLaren Honda. first in Malaysia and later in Belgium where after not qualifying he managed to score with a fantastic performance where he climbed 15 positions.

Third, the controversial Singapore GP where Alonso won thanks to the fact that the Renault team orchestrated a strategy so that Nelson Piquet Jr. caused an accident that benefited the Spaniard. The Spaniard gained 14 positions.

This is the full list.

Big prize starting position Race result positions won

1 Monaco Grand Prix 2010 24th 6th 18

2 Malaysian Grand Prix 2016; 2016 Belgian Grand Prix 22nd 7th 15

3 Singapore Grand Prix 2008 15th 1st 14

4 Japanese Grand Prix 2005 16th 3rd 13

5 Italian Grand Prix 2003 20º 8º 12

5 Malaysian Grand Prix 2004 19th 7th 12

5 Austrian Grand Prix 2018 20º 8º 12

6 German Grand Prix 2001 21st 13th 11

6 Spanish Grand Prix 2022 20º 9º 11