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What is the rabbit punch in boxing and what are its consequences?

The fight for the world bantamweight championship of the World Boxing Council left a negative balance that forced the body to take action on the matter.

A successful defense of the crown, a challenger with injuries and a suspended referee were part of the repercussions of the evening in the Comarca Lagunera.

On Friday the champion Yuliahn Luna retained the belt with a unanimous decision after 10 disputed rounds. However, the fight was very complicated as both fighters resorted to illegal blows due to the inability of referee Jesús Becerra to bring order.

“The two boxers failed to comply, there were fouls by both. The referee lost control of the fight and did not apply the rules. He got out of hand. I spoke to the referee and he is suspended. Now the referee will undergo a recertification process accompanied by the renowned referees Héctor Afú and Lupe García. Above the ring, life is in the hands of the referee and it cannot happen,” said Mauricio Sulaiman, president of the WBC.

Jessica González not only came out with a broken nose that required immediate surgery, but also upon her arrival in Mexico City she was sent to see a neurologist and after an evaluation and studies it was determined that she suffered a serious concussion that forced her to be under supervision and with no physical activity for a period of three months.

“This is not about exhibiting anyone, but it is about understanding that the referee, the judges and supervisors have to respond to their activity, if they are not at the level, actions are taken and it has served very well in this process,” the president added. .

What is the rabbit punch in boxing?

The ‘rabbit punch’ in boxing is one of the most dangerous and prohibited contacts. It consists of giving a direct punch to the back of the head either straight or hook. It is known by this name because it is just the way some hunters kill rabbits, with a quick blow directly to the back of the skull.

What are the consequences of the rabbit hit?

This prohibited impact can have very serious consequences, since it could damage the cervical vertebrae and the spinal cord, as happened with the former undefeated champion Prichard Colón, who fell into a coma for more than 200 days after the rabbit blows he received for part of Terrell Williams.

A bad blow could even separate the boxer’s brain from the brainstem, which could cause instant death.

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