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What is the Summer League NBA leaving for the 14 Lottery picks of the 2022 Draft? First feelings and observations

The Summer LeagueNBA He has already put on the field on multiple occasions a large part of the best rookies in the Draft 2022 and although it is still clear that it is too early to draw definitive conclusions, there is material and justification to have some initial observations.

How are the 14 Lottery picks of 2022 looking?What have they been excelling at and what have they been failing at? Who have been the highest and lowest points? A review, name by name, below.

1) Paolo Banchero – Orlando Magic

After seeing Chet Holmgren shine in his debut for OKC in the Salt Lake City Summer League, Orlando fans can breathe easy. Banchero has also impressed in his first two games in Las Vegas, showing all his offensive skills to shoot, attack from the dribble, play post up and perhaps above all assist teammates (6 on average in 30.1 minutes). The former Duke’s combination of size, power and technique is allowing him to dominate at this level and he is even showing very good energy in defense (2.5 steals and a block), beyond an occasional distraction.

2) Chet Holmgren – Oklahoma City Thunder

Beyond some ups and downs with the shot and suffering one on one against stronger rivals, Holmgren is looking like the biggest talent in this 2022 class of rookies. His ability to impact in different areas has little equal, even at the NBA level. And although it was known that such were his conditions, the Summer League is serving to confirm it: he shoots 41% in triples and 100% in free throws, averages almost 3 assists in 26.3 minutes, drops 9 rebounds, handles the ball like a perimeter and above all, he appears as the best rim protector in the entire summer league: he’s averaging 3.5 blocks per game (and unlike other specialists, almost without committing faults). Unicorn.

3) Jabari Smith-Houston Rockets

Thumbs up for Banchero and Holmgren, to a Smith’s most irregular performance, which does not look comfortable in a type of game in which there is very little from the collective and a lot from the individual level. Jabari is not a talented player when it comes to playing with the ball and it is difficult for him to score when he has to create one-on-one: in two games he is throwing a 36.7% from the field and 33% in triples. The positive? Defensively it is exactly what was expectedas someone who can rebound, protect the rim and keep up with smaller opponents on the perimeter.

4) Keegan Murray-Sacramento Kings

Murray comes from being the best scorer in the NCAA and is maintaining that level in the Summer League. He has already played five games and averages 20.4 points, in addition to 7 rebounds, with phenomenal percentages: 49% from the field, 42% on triples in 7.2 attempts and 85% free. The shot is looking especially consistent and dangerous. He is one of the rookies who already seems ready to immediately help his NBA team.

5) Jaden Ivey – Detroit Pistons

Ivey was barely able to play a game and a half due to an ankle injury, but those minutes were enough to show glimpses of why it can easily end up being one of the two or three stars of this class. He scored 3 of 6 triples, left some interesting passing flashes and displayed on several occasions that completely differential athletic ability, both in terms of explosion and speed (Ja Morant level). Defensively he has to be more aggressive, but the things Ivey can do with the ball in his hands are highly valued at the top level. Get ready to see it in many highlights this season. He averaged 15.5 points in 18.8 minutes on 50% shooting.

6) Benedict Mathurin – Indiana Pacers

Mathurin is a fierce scorer and he’s showing it in Las Vegas: 19.3 points in 22.4 minutes, with 49% from the field and 39% from triples. Like Ivey, he has off-the-chart athleticism combined with a very good outside shot. He contributes little or nothing as a passer (he adds 4 assists in 67 total minutes), but It shouldn’t surprise anyone if he ends up being the leading scorer among rookies next season.a. Especially playing in a Pacers that will give him minutes and shots.

The injured

Shaedon SharpePortland’s seventh pick; Dyson Danielseighth selection from New Orleans and jeremy sochanSan Antonio’s 10th pick, have hardly played due to injuries or health and safety protocols.

10) Johnny Davis-Washington Wizards

Davis has undoubtedly been the weakest of the first ten picks so farevidencing many problems scoring and shooting: he has a 22.7% field in two presentations. The former Wisconsin had already had problems in the NCAA to be efficient, especially against top level rivals and something similar is being seen in Las Vegas.

11) Ousmane Dieng – Oklahoma City Thunder

Neither has Dieng been good so far, in his case already in four games: he registers 28.6% from the field and 17.4% in triples. He was already an inefficient player in the NBL last season and it’s happening again in the Summer League. He does occasionally show flashes of quality on the ball, but seems to be on a lower plane of development than other rookies (physically as well).

12) Jalen Williams-Oklahoma City Thunder

Who is standing out is OKC Lottery No. 3 pick Jalen Williams. In five games he averages 12 points with 52.2% from the fieldin addition to playing good defense and showing that he can be effective as a role player, cutting and attacking without the ball (in the NCAA he almost always had it in his possession). His explosion and ability to define in the paint is drawing attention.

13) Jalen Duren – Detroit Pistons

Good first games for Duren (11.3 points, 65% from the field in 20.5 minutes). Doing what he knows how to do: play above the rim on offense and block on defense. His combination of physicality and athleticism is already 100% NBA, but he still has to progress from a technical level and in his reading of the game (4 fouls per game).

14) Ochai Agbaji-Cleveland Cavaliers

Agbaji is being exactly the player that was expected, like a Athletic 3&D ready for minutes as a role piece in Cleveland. He is 40% from 3-for-7.5, is intense on the mark and has had some good moments as a passer.

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