What problem did Lewis Hamilton have in the French F1 GP?

Formula 1 The Mercedes driver finished second in the French Grand Prix at Paul Ric

The driver finished second in the at , but struggled with staying well hydrated.

What problem did Lewis have in the French GP?

Last weekend in Paul Ricardthe Formula 1 disputed a suffocating French Grand Prix, with over 30°C room temperature.

After the race, the pilots showed exhausted for the effort made on the track, but the rider who suffered the most from those on the podium was .

The seven-time world champion could not stand up from the exhaustion accumulated by the Grand Prix, but mainly because the hydration system in his Mercedes W13 did not work.”It was a tough race because my drink bottle didn’t work. It’s been a great result, considering we’ve been so far away from Vestappen and the Ferrari drivers all weekend,” explained Hamilton.

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And giving more details about the problem he said: “I was sucking on the device and no water came out. It’s the first race I’ve done like this”he admitted. “I haven’t seen the weight at this time, but I I imagine I’ve probably lost about three kilos.

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