What soccer team are you from?

A national survey offers surprising data on how many fans the main Spanish clubs have What soccer team are you from? That is the question that the

A national survey offers surprising data on how many fans the main Spanish clubs have

What team are from? That is the question that the portal specializing in surveys Electomanía has been asking in recent weeks. This website, usually specialized in political information and elections, ventured into the world of football and was interested in how widespread the mass of fans of each of the main Spanish clubs was in the national geography.

Although the main data, in terms of names, are not surprising, some of the teams that appear among the top ten and in the Top-15 do, and, above all, the percentage of global fans there are for each club.

The It appears just behind the three powerful, as expected, although at a wide distance from Atlético. Meanwhile he Sevilla F.C., with 3.2% of football fans in Spain, is seventh. Interestingly, it is located just behind a club that is not even in Spanish professional football, Deportivo la Coruña, which will play next week against Albacete for promotion to the Second Division.

Two other Second Division clubs also appear in the top ten, although they are two historical ones with finals, titles and European participations, such as Sporting and Saragossa. And two other Andalusians, Granada and Malagaare also among the top fifteen.

But surprisingly, the presence of the Recreational Huelva among the 20 clubs with the most followers in our country and, above all, that it is very close to an Athletic Club with which one of the most populated provinces of Spain, Vizcaya, is involved. At the end of the day, this is a survey, like the electoral ones, moods count and that of the people of Huelva and Bilbao, today, is opposed. Some are happy about their promotion to the 2nd RFEF and the others, ‘touched’ to see Real ahead for another season and outside of Europe.

This is the distribution of hobbies in Spain
Real Madrid 28.0%
FC Barcelona 11.8%
Atletico Madrid 10.6%
Real Betis 4.8%
Valencia CF 4.1%
Deportivo La Coruna 3.4%
Seville F.C. 3.2%
Celtic of Vigo 3.0%
Royal Saragossa 2.3%
Sporting Gijon 2.0%
Royal Society 1.7%
Royal Oviedo 1.5%
Grenada CF 1.4%
Malaga CF 1.4%
Vallecano Ray 1.3%
Spanish 1.2%
Valladolid 1.2%
Athletic Club 1.1%
Recreational 0.8%
Murcia 0.8%
Other 2.0%