When ARod helped ex-NBA get out of bankruptcy

After being one of the best baseball players during his 22-year MLB career, the former third baseman for the New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguezhas v

After being one of the best baseball players during his 22-year career, the former third baseman for the , has ventured fully and successfully into the business world.

Although the fortune of a rod right now it is incalculable, he continues to be a humble and generous person with his neighbor. For example, in 2018, Rodríguez offered to help a former NBA player that he was in financial trouble, for his fortune had vanished and he had fallen bankrupt.

What did was offer himself as a consultant and created a plan to rescue joe smith, and that he get out of the mess that had allowed him to waste the 61 million dollars he accumulated during his 16-year career in the burst sport. According to the former star third baseman, according to the designed program, Smith and his fiancée, Kisha Chavis, in approximately three years, both should get out of debt; Sure; cutting unnecessary expenses.

According to Smith himself, who played for teams like: Golden State Warriors, Minnesota Timberwolves and Los Angeles Lakers, he did not know how to take advantage of the fortune he amassed due to the excessive luxuries he squandered in the past, because instead of investing in properties or profitable businesses, he bought late-model Corvette, Bentley and Range Rovers.

Earning an average of more than a million dollars a year tax-free, after his retirement from the courts in 2011 Smith and his wife only accumulated $26,000. The former Wing-Pivot had to undertake as a personal basketball teacher and teach young people to earn extra money.

With the help of Alex Rodriguez, Joe Smith could earn more than 10 times what he charged for sessions because of the plan he put together.