When does the NBA Summer League 2022 in Las Vegas start? Full calendar, teams and winners

The SummerLeague It's one of the most underrated times of the year. NBA. on the fields of Las Vegas you can see some of the best young players in

The SummerLeague It’s one of the most underrated times of the year. NBA. on the fields of Las Vegas you can see some of the best young players in the world and some draft surprises take their first steps.

In 2022 there will be a new edition of the NBA summer league. All the relevant information is provided below.

When does the NBA Summer League 2022 in Las Vegas start?

The Las Vegas Summer League 2022 It will be the meeting place for all the NBA teams with their respective youth-packed squads. A perfect time to get a closer look at the stars of tomorrow and potential Draft surprises.

This Summer League will start on Thursday, July 7, 2022. It will do so with two games at the Thomas & Mack Center. First between the Rockets and Magic and then between the Blazers and Pistons.

The summer tournament will run until Sunday, July 17, when the championship match takes place.

Which teams are participating in the NBA Summer League 2022 in Las Vegas?

All 30 NBA teams will participate in the Las Vegas Summer League. In this 2022 there will be no guest teams as in the past, nor will any franchise be absent.

Which teams have won the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas?

Year Champion Finalist

2013 Golden State Warriors Phoenix Suns

2014 Sacramento Kings Houston Rockets

2015 San Antonio Spurs Phoenix Suns

2016 Chicago Bulls Minnesota Timberwolves

2017 Los Angeles Lakers Portland Trail Blazers

2018 Portland Trail Blazers Los Angeles Lakers

2019 Memphis Grizzlies

minnesota timberwolves

2021 Sacramento Kings Boston Celtics

Complete schedule of the NBA Summer League 2022 from Las Vegas

Date Local Visitor

July 7 Orlando Magic Houston Rockets

July 7Detroit PistonsPortland Trail Blazers

July 8 Chicago Bulls Dallas Mavericks

July 8 Cleveland Cavaliers San Antonio Spurs

July 8 Indiana Pacers Charlotte Hornets

July 8 Milwaukee Bucks Brooklyn Nets

July 8 New York Knicks Golden State Warriors

July 8 Minnesota Timberwolves Denver Nuggets

July 8 Los Angeles Lakers Phoenix Suns

July 9 Philadelphia 76ers Toronto Raptors

July 9 Sacramento Kings Orlando Magic

July 9 Miami Heat Boston Celtics

July 9Washington WizardsDetroit Pistons

July 9 Utah Jazz Atlanta Hawks

July 9 Houston Rockets Oklahoma City Thunder

July 9 Memphis Grizzlies LA Clippers

July 9 Portland Trail Blazers New Orleans Pelicans

July 10 Sacramento Kings Indiana Pacers

July 10 Brooklyn Nets Philadelphia 76ers

July 10 New York Knicks Chicago Bulls

July 10 Phoenix Suns Washington Wizards

July 10 Cleveland Cavaliers Denver Nuggets

July 10 San Antonio Spurs Golden State Warriors

July 10 Memphis Grizzlies Minnesota Timberwolves

July 10 LA Lakers Charlotte Hornets

July 11 Atlanta Hawks New Orleans Hornets

July 11 San Antonio Spurs Houston Rockets

July 11 Boston Celtics Milwaukee Bucks

July 11 Oklahoma City Thunder Orlando Magic

July 11 Utah Jazz Dallas Mavericks

July 11 Portland Trail Blazers New York Knicks

July 12 Toronto Raptors Chicago Bulls

July 12 Brooklyn Nets Memphis Grizzlies

July 12 Miami Heat Atlanta Hawks

July 12 Golden State Warriors Boston Celtics

July 12 Indiana Pacers Detroit Pistons

July 12 Dallas-Phoenix

July 12 LA Clippers Los Angeles Lakers

July 13 Milwaukee Bucks Minnesota Timberwolves

July 13 Charlotte Hornets Cleveland Cavaliers

July 13 New Orleans Pelicans Washington Wizards

July 13 Utah Jazz Toronto Raptors

July 13 Oklahoma City Thunder Sacramento Kings

July 13Philadelphia 76ersMiami Heat

July 13 LA Clippers Denver Nuggets

July 14 San Antonio Spurs Atlanta Hawks

July 14 Boston Celtics Memphis Grizzlies

July 14 Charlotte Hornets Chicago Bulls

July 14Detroit PistonsCleveland Cavaliers

July 14 Milwaukee Bucks Dallas Mavericks

July 14 Orlando Magic New York Knicks

July 14 Minnesota Timberwolves Brooklyn Nets

July 14 Houston Rockets Portland Trail Blazers

July 15 Utah Jazz LA Clippers

July 15 Denver Nuggets Philadelphia 76ers

July 15 Golden State Warriors Oklahoma City Thunder

July 15 Phoenix Suns Sacramento Kings

July 15 Washington Wizards Indiana Pacers

July 15 Toronto Raptors Miami Heat

July 15 New Orleans Pelicans Los Angeles Lakers

Once the Group Phase is over between July 16 and 17, the Final Phase will be played for the title of the Summer League.

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