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When would Manny Pacquiao return from retirement in…

The presidential dream is over Pac-Manthat is why we asked ourselves, when would he return manny pacquiao of retirement in boxing? Much has been speculated, in this text of LEFT PUNCH We tell you everything we know about the subject.

Pacquiao he had promised to fight corruption, crack down on drugs and improve the lives of the poor. The problem is that she did not receive the support of the voters and ended up losing overwhelmingly.

When would Manny Pacquiao come out of boxing retirement?

The Filipino recognized his defeat, congratulated the winner Ferdinand Marcos Jr.and asked to help the poor, because they are the priority.

Photo: Manny Pacquiao (Twitter)

“As a boxer and an athlete, I know how to accept defeat. I just hope that as long as I lose in this fight, my fellow Filipinos – those who are fighting – win,” Pacquiao, 43, said in a video posted on Facebook late Tuesday.

Manny He has been released, since he rejected a second year of mandate in the Senate, he said that he will rest, but others speculate that he will return to the box.

Former boxer Amir Khan assured that PacMan contacted him to make a fight.

“Now what Manny spent all his money on the elections, I think Manny He will fight, but I don’t think it will be against me. I prefer to give it up for lost, ”said the Englishman to the media.

The team of Pacquiao contacted khan when he announced his retirement, they asked him if it was true, it is speculated that they could fight in the future.

The truth is that Pac-Man He is 43 years old, his body no longer reacts the same as before and if he would return it would be for exhibition matches. There is no date, although his return could be at the end of the year if the promoters manage to convince him.

In August 2021, he entered the ring for the last time, but lost against Yordenis Ugas by decision. He looked slow and not at all comfortable.


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