Which drivers stand out in Formula 1?

Formula 1 is in the middle of the championship, which arouses the interest of sports betting fans in Spain. Fortunately, th

Which drivers stand out in Formula 1?

is in the middle of the championship, which arouses the interest of sports betting fans in Spain. Fortunately, there are still many circuits ahead, which means that there is time to prepare the predictions, for example, for the Hungarian GP . Of course, you have to know a little more about the present of all the runners who represent teams like Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull. That is why, below, we present which drivers stand out in Formula 1.

Max Verstappen

The Belgian Red Bull Racing driver leads the Formula 1 drivers’ standings and is undoubtedly this season’s top contender. Although he finished in seventh position in the British Grand Prix, he is coming from winning these circuits:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Emilia-Romagna
  • Miami
  • Spain
  • Azerbaijan
  • Canada

In addition, he has reached the podium with third place in Monaco. Without a doubt, he is the driver who has achieved the best performance in Formula 1, which allows him to occupy the highest position in the classification. If Verstappen continues to win circuits, many believe that he will soon become champion of the season, an achievement that he already achieved in 2021.

Sergio Perez

Verstappen’s teammate at Red Bull is also having a very good performance this Formula 1 season. Although he only won the Monaco Grand Prix, he took second place in the circuits of Australia, Emilia-Romagna, Spain, Azerbaijan and Grand Prix. Brittany. It is almost as if he escorted the Belgian to give the team a good classification.

charles leclerc

A few points behind Sergio Pérez is Charles Leclerc. The Monegasque runs for Ferrari, a team with which he has shown constant performance. So far this season, Leclerc has won the Bahrain Grand Prix and the Australian Grand Prix, allowing him to score points to position himself well in the standings. Also, he finished second in Saudi Arabia and Miami. Of course, this driver should not be neglected because he has not been able to finish two circuits, which could harm the points he has achieved in the other races.

Carlos Sainz

The Spaniard has managed to win his first Formula 1 race at the British Grand Prix. It is a very deserved victory for the Ferrari driver who had been doing a great job. Without going any further, he was consistently finishing in the top positions of the circuits. He finished second in Bahrain, Monaco and Canada and, despite not finishing three races, the points obtained in the other courses put him in fourth place.

Half of the Formula 1 races are still to be run, but many are already thinking about what the outcome of this season could be. Max Verstappen is, without a doubt, the main candidate because he has won the most races and, in addition, he became champion in 2021. However, Sergio Pérez, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are very well positioned.