Which F1 driver does Chris Hemsworth play in the film Rush: Passion and Glory?

The Formula One is one of the sports competitions famous around the world, where a group of pilots seeks to be the World Champion in a discipline

The is one of the sports competitions famous around the world, where a group of pilots seeks to be the World Champion in a discipline with no margin for error due to the accidents that can happen.

Unlike many sportsvery few films cover the competition and some of the rivalries Come in pilots most remembered; director Ron Howard wanted to change this with his film, “Rush: Passion and Glory”who starred and Daniel Bruhl.

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Hemsworth He is one of the most famous actors in the world due to his role as Thor in the films located in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU for its acronym in English), but “Rush” he had to interpret a legend of the Formula One.

Chris Hemsworth appeared in the movie Rush: Passion and Glory – Facebook RUSH

“Rush” portrays the season of 1976 of Formula One, one of the most remembered for the fight between the british pilot and the Austrian Niki Laudawhere he English was crowned world champion of the .

Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl played James Hunt and Niki Lauda respectively – Facebook RUSH

In the movie, Hemsworth played the risky and charismatic hunt in his quest to prove that he was one of the best pilots of his moment; for his part, bruhl was the methodical praisewho also wanted to leave his mark on the history of the F1.

Chris Hemsworth played the role of James Hunt, McLaren driver – Facebook RUSH

“Rush: Passion and Glory” was praised by critics and Daniel Bruhl was nominated for several awards, but Chris Hemsworth also received praise for her performance in the film directed by Ron Howard.

Who was James Hunt?

James Simon Wallis Hunt was born on August 29, 1947 in Belmont, Sutton, United Kingdom, and his father was a stockbroker; his family never supported him in his desire to be a pilot of Formula One and he had to work in several places to be able to pay for his dream.

The british pilot passed through the different categories prior to the Formula Onebut it seemed that he could not fulfill his dream in 1972 due to several accidents in which he participated; Lord Alexander Hesketh saved his career by investing in a team to compete.

James Hunt was an F1 legend – Twitter @McLarenF1

In 1974 he reached the Formula One thanks to Lord Alexander Hesketh and by 1976 it was already in McLarenwhere he had his best season because it is crowned champion with a comeback to remember to defeat Niki Lauda.

The rivalry between praise and hunt he stayed on the track because they were great friends out of the limelight; furthermore, the British he had a life full of excesses when he was not competing in the careers.

James Hunt and Niki Lauda were close friends when they weren’t racing in F1 – Twitter @F1

After obtaining his degree, hunt did not have the motivation to recapture the level with which it was crowned and withdrawal in 1979; After a few years that he struggled to adapt to life off the track, he returned to the Formula One as a television analyst.

His stage as an analyst was also accompanied by an important change in his personal life because he had two children with his second wife and loved them very much; Unfortunately, his time pilot full of excesses reached him.

James Hunt He died at the age of 45 on June 15, 1993 due to a heart attack, hours after he proposed to Helen to be his third wife; her death surprised everyone, including Niki Laudawho said he had the “most charismatic personality that was in Formula One”.