Which golf clubs Charlie Woods plays and why they are the envy of other golfers

Charlie Woods. Charlie woods You are not yet thirteen, and that means you are not yet old enough to do many t

Charlie Woods.

Charlie woods You are not yet thirteen, and that means you are not yet old enough to do many things. However, it can boast of playing golf with unique, personalized clubs that we could not find in the market. This was confirmed during the PNC Championship In the past week.

Specifically, the son of Tiger Woods played with a set of irons P7CW from Taylormade. In case anyone has not fallen, that C and that W that identify the stick are not a coincidence, they are exactly the initials of Charlie Woods. His irons are an adaptation of the P7TW played by Tiger Woods. Indeed, T and W.

Perhaps the most striking thing about Charlie’s sticks is that he plays ‘blades’, with blade-shaped heads that are much less forgiving than ‘forged’ ones, and which is not very common to see in such young children. Of course, with some ‘blade’ modified to cut the difficulty a bit.

The TaylorMade equipment men have done a good job here, probably assisted by Tiger Woods himself. Charlie’s iron heads have two small recesses, one at the tip of the club and one at the heel to remove mass. With this, a double effect is sought. On the one hand it has more weight around the perimeter of the club and makes it more stable and on the other hand it makes it lighter and easier to move for a twelve year old.

The matter of playing a ‘blade’ and not a ‘forged’ is a Tiger Woods decision. Earl, Tiger’s father and Charlie’s grandfather, did the same in his day. Since the child began to play, he used the ‘blades’, which are less forgiving. It was unveiled by Jack Nicklaus at the 2020 Masters. ‘Tiger told me Charlie plays with’ blades’. If he is going to play golf, let him do it from the beginning with those clubs, even if they forgive less. It seemed like a wise decision to me, ”Nicklaus explained.

On the other hand, Charlie did not use the Stealth driver from TaylorMade, a new model whose main feature is its red face, but the brand’s new 3 wood, which seems, from what was seen in the PNC, that it will not have a red face.

As for the putter, it is very easy. Charlie uses the same as his father. Specifically, it is Tiger’s replacement putter. This is the Scotty Cameron Newport 2GSS.