Which teams passed up the chance to draft Michael Jordan?

We are about to talk about the biggest mistake that 2 teams have made, since in the 1984 Draft of the NBA, they missed the opportunity to choose a

We are about to talk about the biggest mistake that 2 teams have made, since in the 1984 Draft of the , they missed the opportunity to choose a certain which would become considered the best of all time.

To begin, the Houston Rockets selected in the first position Hakeem OlajuwonNigerian center, who although it cannot be said that it was a bad decision, being 2 times NBA Champion, Best Defensive Player of the Year on one occasion, once MVP of the season, 12 times All Star, maximum shotper of the history, and one of the best in history.

On the other hand, in second place, the Portland Trail Blazers chose Sam BowieAmerican center whose greatest achievement was to have reached the league, and chosen in the Best Rookie Quintet, although far from the expectations of a second overall selection.

Bulls, historical success

It was until the third position that the chose Michael Jordan, from the University of North Carolina, who would be named Rookie of the Yearwas third in total points scored, and chosen in the second Best Quintet in the league.

Jordan would also be selected at Stars game as a starter, as a rookie, having averaged 28.2 points, 6.5 rebounds, 5.9 assists, 2.4 steals (fourth in total league steals), with 51.5 percent shooting efficiency, playing all 82 regular season games.

This brilliant player retired with 6 NBA champion titles, all with the Bulls, being the team’s only championships to date. He never lost a final, he was 5 times chosen the Most Valuable Player of the season6 times Most Valuable Player of the Finals, 10 times chosen for the Best Quintet, 9 times for the Best Quintet of the League (record shared with Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant and Gary Payton), 2 times dunk champion, 10 times leading scorer, and once Defensive Player of the Year.

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Not being this enough, he was selected to the All-Star Game 13 times, 3 times All-Star Game MVP, elected to the Hall of Fame since 2009, and holds the record for the most points per game for life in the regular season. with 30.1, and in the playoffs, with 33.4.