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Who is Money Kicks, the youtuber who could fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

Before the end of 2021, the legendary American boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr. sent a message through his Instagram account, where he implied that his next exhibition fight would be far from the United States. The chosen exotic destination was Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates.

From that moment on, possible rivals began to emerge for Floyd Mayweather Jr. Some claimed that it could be Óscar de la Hoya, others considered that the Mexican legend Julio César Chávez, however, in recent days a new name has emerged with great force.

This is ‘Money Kicks’, a famous youtuber who, like the Paul brothers, has followed in the footsteps of combat sports, more specifically boxing. But who is that influencer who challenges one of the best boxers of all time?

Meet Money Kicks

Your real name is Rashed Belhasa, a 19-year-old who has already entered the world of boxing, thus following in the footsteps of Logan and Jake Paul, and with an undefeated record of 2-0 against Anas Elshayib on the cards and against Ajmal Khan by knockout.

He is currently a great celebrity on social networks, with more than five million followers between YouTube and Instagram. He is also the son of billionaire businessman Saif Belhasa., the CEO of Belhasa International Group, a company with more than 30 subsidiaries working in various fields of business such as architecture, locomotives, schools, and accommodation, to name a few.

In addition to his entertaining YouTube videos, he is also a music fanatic and even He has uploaded some video clips to his channel. He also has some videos with combat athletes like Francis Ngannou or Anthony Joshua.

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