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Who is the favorite to win the Formula 1 World Championship?

Who is the favorite to win the Formula 1 World Championship?

Until the beginning of this World Championship it was common to hear that Formula 1 had lost interest since the same old people won, that everything, in the end, was summarized in the car that was had. But if something has been seen in this World Cup, it is that Formula 1 still has a lot to offer.

We are currently witnessing one of the most disputed World Cups in recent years. This has meant that more and more people are becoming fond of this sport, as shown by the fact that more and more people look at the betting indexes to see who the favorites are in https: // legalbet .en / bookmakers / sets / bookmakers-f1 /. Next we will expose who are the favorites to win this World Cup.


The one who heads our list of favorites is the British Lewis Hamilton. With his McLaren Mercedes it seems that he is willing to break all the records that exist. The Briton seems ready to beat Schumacher’s record of 7 world championships. Hamilton is one World Cup away from beating the German and setting a mark that has never been made before.


On the other hand, competing for the head of the table is the Belgian Verstappen. A young talent who has burst into the world of F1 like a hurricane. This driver is considered one of the geniuses in the motoring world and it was this World Championship when, after a change of vehicle, it is considered that currently, at Red Bull, he has a car that is powerful and competitive enough to win the World Championship.

Controversy between Red Bull and McLaren

The rivalry between these two great driving geniuses has not been long in coming. Some believe that the rivalry ceased to be healthy a few races ago when disputes arose over two accidents that Verstappen suffered in the middle of the race. Those of Red Bull blame those of Mercedes of these two accidents and have taken this team before a commission considering that they were intentional. The first was in Hungary, when Hamilton’s partner collided with Verstappen and, the second, in Great Britain, when this same pilot caused an accident that led to the Belgian running off the track.

In conclusion, as we can see, we are facing one of the most disputed World Cups in the last ten years. Not only because of the level of the cars and the drivers or because of the recent controversies, but because the teams, the cars and the drivers are more evenly matched and because no one dares to predict a winner of the tournament. We will have to wait until the last race.

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