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Why do they give boxing champions a belt,…

It is very common to see that the champion boxer is awarded with golden belts that they show off in front of the cameras, but why do they give a belt to the boxing champions? We explain to you since when and which organizations do it.

The belt is a kind of award to recognize the best in the category, but it also has an explanation that comes from Greek mythology. In this text LEFT PUNCH you can consult the history, the meaning and the organizations that deliver it.

Why do they give boxing champions a belt, since when and what organizations?

According to boxing history, the sport began to become popular throughout the world in the 19th century, when bare-knuckle fights were a common practice. Some people with economic power created ‘stables’ and the fighter (slaves) represented them, to distinguish them they put colored clothing on them, although later they replaced it with sashes.

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It is considered that the first belt was awarded George III of the United Kingdom, when in 1810 he gave the distinction to Tom Crib for his 35-round victory over Tom Molineaux. The boxers mentioned are recognized by the International Boxing Hall of Fame as pioneers.

The delivery of belts as a distinction began to become popular, so organizations adapted it to regulated or modern boxing.

There are four boxing regulatory organizations that are recognized around the world:

The four mentioned award belts to their champions of the 17 categories, from heavyweight to minimum.

If a champion loses, is his belt taken away?

The belt has a meaning related to Greek mythology, the idea focuses on the Amazonwarrior women daughters of Ares, God of War. One of them was known as hippolytawho received a magical gold belt given to her by her father, signified superiority over others.

A new champion receives a belt from the organization, but when he loses the title, only the distinction is withdrawn and he keeps the souvenir belt. A new one is crafted for the next champion.

The fighter who retires keeps the belt, the committee schedules a new fight between the next contenders to choose the new monarch. A new belt is ordered to be made to recognize the next one.


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