Why is soccer the sport you always bet on?

The feeling of belonging and the support that comes with watching football matches is also reflected in sports betting. RAWPIXEL.COM/FREEPIK

The feeling of belonging and the support that comes with watching football matches is also reflected in sports betting. RAWPIXEL.COM/FREEPIK
August 31, 2022 5:29 p.m.

When we analyze the different sports betting houses and the sports on which a greater amount of bets are made, without a doubt the winner is soccer. This has led the different bookmakers to offer a wide range of markets and extensive coverage of this sport. When it comes to placing sports bets on soccer, you won’t have any problems finding the lesser-known leagues in the world, or making original bets, such as those made on corner kicks or fouls.

This increased offer related to football is not accidental, but has a clear motivation, which we are going to analyze throughout this article. There are many reasons why soccer is the most famous sport when it comes to betting and many of them have to do with the fact that soccer is also the most famous sport in the world.

1. It is the most popular sport in the world

Soccer is currently the best-known sport in the world, with nearly 265 million players, according to a survey carried out by FIFA in 2013. There are no subsequent data, but surely the figures are similar and even higher compared to the number of soccer players or people who practice this sport frequently. We are talking about figures that are around 5% of the world population, which gives us an idea of ​​how widespread football is as a sport.

This fact is also present in the number of countries that make up FIFA, the organization responsible for the main football competitions worldwide and which currently has 207 members. Considering that there are around 200 countries in the world, we can affirm that practically all of them are part of this organization, to which are also added some small states not recognized as countries, but which are part of the Association. There is no sport in the world that is currently capable of bringing together such a high number of players, nor of member countries of its international federation.

2. Soccer is an easy sport to understand

If we think about soccer, the sport itself is as easy as kicking a ball into the opponent’s goal. It is true that during the game you cannot commit fouls on the opposing players, you cannot touch the ball with your hands unless you are the goalkeeper and the ball cannot go out of the limits established on the field of play. However, in the few lines that we have mentioned before, we have summarized everything that a person who has never heard or played football would need to know to start practicing it.

If we align the simplicity of learning and understanding soccer with respect to other sports, it is evident that it is much more accessible to those who are not initiated in its practice. Consequently, those who want to bet on soccer do not have to learn a complicated regulation or watch a good number of matches to learn the basics of the rules. Something that is essential when making sports bets, since those who play prefer to do so in sports that they understand. And without a doubt, soccer is one of the easiest to understand of all those that we find in the different sports betting houses of the Colombian market.

3. Because of the emotion involved

If we ask anyone in Colombia what their favorite team is, they will surely answer us with some of the squads from the main national championships. This means that almost every Colombian has a part of their heart devoted to a soccer team, except for the few people who do not like this sport.

This feeling of belonging and the support that it implies when watching football matches is also reflected in sports betting. The possibility of earning extra silver while supporting our favorite team is always attractive, which is an additional element when it comes to enjoying football more.

4. Due to the wide range of bookmakers

As the last section of these reasons why football is the sport with the largest number of sports bets, we highlight the wide range offered by operators. When we go to a supermarket to buy drinks, we find that they occupy a huge shelf, in which there are many different options to choose from. The reason is that there are so many people who consume this type of drink that commercial surfaces are interested in having a wide range so that they can choose their favourite.

Something similar happens with football. Since the number of followers of this sport is so high, bookmakers put most of their markets in the different soccer leagues that are played worldwide. To check it, just go to your favorite betting page and check which soccer leagues you can bet on. If you don’t feel like doing the test, here are some of the most common:

– Category A of Colombia
– The League of Spain
– The English Premier League
– The Calcium of Italy
– The German Bundesliga

Added to these championships are events such as the World Cup, the Copa Libertadores, the European Champions League and other international competitions. But if you don’t have enough, the different bookmakers that operate in Colombia also allow you to bet on the leagues of such exotic countries as Algeria, Georgia or Iran. We can almost say without fear of being wrong that there is no football league that is played that is not covered by bookmakers.

We could not close this section without mentioning women’s football which, over time, is becoming a good alternative to try your luck with betting. It is true that the number of events available is not as high as that of men’s football, but more and more operators are adding the various women’s leagues and competitions to their offer, which means a more complete proposal for the user.