Why it is mandatory to broadcast open football from LaLiga and the Spanish National Team

Law of General Interest, Law of Audiovisual Communication... today we review since when and why it is necessary to broadcast LaLiga or Spanish Nati

Why it is mandatory to broadcast open football from LaLiga and the Spanish National Team

Law of General Interest, Law of Audiovisual Communication… today we review since when and why it is necessary to broadcast LaLiga or Spanish National Team matches for free.

LaLiga open matches

The Audiovisual Communication Law It also includes in its latest edition the obligation to broadcast openly at least one game per day of the highest competition of women’s football in Spain (called the Iberdrola League due to sponsorship of the energy company). In this way, their treatment will be equated to that received by LaLiga for men since 1997.

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At that time, it was the Government presided over by José María Aznar who carried out the so-called Law regulating Emissions and Retransmissions of Sports Competitions and Events and, although changing the name, its successors have always considered that the maximum domestic competition is sufficiently of interest general enough so that it can be broadcast openly.

Initially, the game that was broadcast live and open was “the one of maximum general interest.” However, after years of complaints by the Professional Football League, this concept changed and, although the obligation to broadcast a match openly on a channel accessible from DTT was maintained, the 2010 General Audiovisual Communication Law eliminated the possibility that the most interesting would be chosen.

The Spanish National Team is of general interest

The one known as General Interest Law defines the sporting events that must be broadcast openly, either live or deferred. The State Audiovisual Media Council must establish, by means of a reasoned decision, a biennial catalog containing the events of general interest to society that must be broadcast on free-to-air television and with state coverage.

World Cup Qatar 2022

World Cup Qatar 2022 on TVE

Already in 1997, in that same regulatory law that we have talked about before, it was established that it was mandatory to broadcast openly the matches that correspond to the Spanish National Team and “that have special relevance and social significance”, leaving in the hands of the Council for Sports Emissions and Retransmissions the preparation of an annual catalog with the specific events protected by these regulations.

Now their catalog is fixed every two years so that the State Audiovisual Media Council be in charge of choosing between which ones to submit to this obligation every two years. The latest list of sporting events was as follows:

  1. The official matches of the Absolute Spanish Soccer and Basketball Team.
  2. The semifinals and the final of the European Football Championship and the World Cup.
  3. The final of the football Champions League and the Copa del Rey football.
  4. One match per day of the Professional Football League of the First Division, designated by it at least 10 days in advance.
  5. Motorsport Grand Prix held in Spain.
  6. Motorcycling Grand Prix held in Spain.
  7. Participation of the Absolute Spanish National Team in the European and World Handball Championships.
  8. Cycling round to spain.
  9. The Cycling World Championship.
  10. Spanish participation in the tennis Davis Cup.
  11. The participation of Spanish tennis players in the semifinals and the final of Roland Garros.
  12. Spanish participation in the World and European Athletics and Swimming Championships.
  13. Grand prizes or national and international competitions that are held in Spain and have a state or regional public subsidy.

Taking advantage of this principle of general interest, it was for what the matches of the Spanish National Team in the next World Cup in Qatar 2022 were guaranteedbut an agreement was reached with Mediapro and RTVE has confirmed that the offer available to football fans in this competition will include all of Spain’s matches throughout the tournament, in addition to the final, the two semi-finals, two quarter-finals final, four round of 16 and one game from each group in the first phase.