will go with Durant or Butler

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There are still several weeks left to start the preseason of the NBA (call training-camp) and some of the most renowned players in the league have not yet resolved their sporting future. With Bradley Beal’s multimillion-dollar contract extension with the Washington Wizards, Donovan Mitchell is the next star called to star in a big ad.

the star of the Utah Jazz He has been trying for a couple of months to find a destination that satisfies both his financial and sporting needs and, after offering himself to Los Angeles Lakersthere are three other teams that today have many options to incorporate him. The presence of Russell Westbrook in the group led by LeBron James and Anthony Davis is a major obstacle to being able to sign a player with Mitchell’s salary and as a result the Californian team has rejected its interest in the 25-year-old point guardwho on the other hand has three teams closely monitoring his personal situation, as reported by the media Maniacs.

On the one hand -and perhaps the most attractive offer- is that of the Brooklyn Nets of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. The team led by Steve Nash has been getting closer throughout the summer to a devastating double loss, that of the two players mentioned, but, its continuity already ratified, Joe Tsaithe boss of the franchise, has opened the possibility that Donovan Mitchell arrives at the Barclays Center to strengthen the team’s candidacy for the Ring.

In addition to the Nets, Miami Heat also has between eyebrows and eyebrows the signing of the still player of the Jazz. The Floridian team, led in recent campaigns by Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayohas been very close to achieving the Ring in these seasons, but at the moment of truth he has accused the lack of another superstar, so the interest in Mitchell is more than justified.

Lastly, the Knicks They also dream of being able to announce the signing of Donovan. The New York franchise, after closing the arrival of Jalen Brunson a few weeks ago, could put the icing on its quintet with Elmsford, where Mitchell would be the team’s undisputed reference.