Will Kenneth Lofton Jr. be drafted in the 2022 NBA Draft?

Kenneth Lofton Jr. has risen like foam the chances of being chosen in the 2022 NBA Draft to be held on Thursday.In fact, no other player has increa

Kenneth Lofton Jr. has risen like foam the chances of being chosen in the 2022 Draft to be held on Thursday.

In fact, no other player has increased his bonuses more than the former player of the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs in the last two years and the previous season he was a dominant player in the paint for his team, averaging 16 points and nine rebounds per game.

During his college years, Lofton he developed his good game using his size and somewhat surprising speed.

He spent two seasons in louisiana tech before declaring himself ready for the NBA Draft. In those two years, Lofton went from being a talented freshman with potential to the first team All-Conference USAworld champion with the United States Under 19 team, and an interesting prospect for the next draft.

Yes ok Lofton he was too small for his style of play, showed more weapons to his style of play by improving his 3-point shooting, and added more mobility on the defensive end after reducing his body weight.

Much is said in the media about the possibility that Lofton “land” with the Houston Rocketsalthough others have also placed it as a strong candidate to reach the Los Angeles Lakers.

Most expert analysts place Lofton to be chosen until the second round, and although many do not see the potential to play in the NBAthere could be a high possibility that a team has fallen in love with his abilities.

The father of Kenneth Lofton Jr.

Although many could get carried away by the name and bet that Lofton Jr. He is the son of the former player of the Big leagues of the same name, nothing more alien to reality.

Lofton Jr.’s father, Keneth Sr., served in the US Army and worked in the Postal Service American for 18 years, and was elected to the board of directors of the Port Arthur Independent School District.