Williams’ Alex Albon suffered respiratory failure after surgery

Formula 1 driver Alex Albon suffered "respiratory failure" and was put on a ventilator due to complications following his operation.WE RECOMMEND YO

driver Alex Albon suffered “respiratory failure” and was put on a ventilator due to complications following his operation.


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Albon was ruled out of the Italian Grand Prix due to appendicitis which he suffered on Saturday morning. He underwent successful surgery but was later moved to intensive care because he required assistance breathing, the team said in a statement Monday.

“Following surgery, Alex suffered unexpected complications from the effects of postoperative anesthesia leading to respiratory failure, a known but rare complication,” Williams said. “He was re-intubated and transferred to intensive care for support.”

“He made excellent progress overnight and was taken off mechanical ventilation yesterday morning. They transferred him to the general ward and they hope he can return home on Tuesday. There were no other complications.”

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Williams added that Albon is focused on recovering and getting ready for the next race on October 2 at the Singapore GP.

Albon signed a multiyear extension with Williams last month. The Thai pilot adds four units in the season after finishing ninth in Miami and tenth in Australia and Belgium.

Albon, who was in practice on Friday, was replaced at Monza by the team’s reserve and Formula E champion Nych de Vries. The Dutchman finished an impressive ninth to score points on his debut.