Winston-Salem Latino Teen Golfer Excels at Golf

Winston-Salem.- The Winston Lake Golf Course is located in northeast Winston Salem. In those peaceful acres of natural beauty, Gianni Alfa

Winston-Salem Latino Teen Golfer Excels at Golf

Winston-Salem.- The Winston Lake Golf Course is located in northeast Winston Salem. In those peaceful acres of natural beauty, Gianni Alfaro, a teenager with Salvadoran roots, plays golf.

Qué Pasa went there to talk to the young athlete and see his skills.

Gianni is 14 years old, but his young age does not prevent him from being disciplined and sacrificing for what he understands to be his passion: playing golf. And in this, the boy is a crack.

The boy is one of the few players of Hispanic origin on the golf circuits in North Carolina. Youth tournament records in two associations, the Tarheel Youth Golf Association and the Carolinas Golf Association, have few or no names of Latino children.

A little history

It all started when Gianni and his father visited a “yard” sale. There were some golf clubs there for only $5 and Leonel Alfaro, his father, sensed that it would be a curious gift for his child: unique, and very affordable.

At the age of 3, Gianni’s golf career began. The first game scenario was inside his house, so his father had to change the balls for soft ones, preventing the decorations and furniture in the room from being broken. Gianni did not stop playing.

Leonel Alfaro decided to take his little boy at the incredible age of 4 to the nearby golf course. There the coaches had, and still have, a significant role in developing Gianni’s golfing skills. The boy considers the golf course at Winston Lake his home and appreciates his community’s support. When he speaks, his eyes sparkle with excitement.

Gianni’s numbers

The young Gianni practices golf 6 to 7 times a week, because this year he participates in at least 2 tournaments per month.

Since he began playing golf, he has obtained relevant seats in competitions.

In golf, a score (known in golf jargon as a Handicap) below 10 is considered very good. Gianni is 7. As a comparison, many celebrities are attracted to golf because it relaxes them. Maradona loved to play golf and his handicap was 18.

The handicap translates as “disadvantage”, so in golf the lower your score, the less disadvantage you have. The fewer shots you need, the lower your Handicap will be.

There is a site in Spanish where all golf terms and concepts are explained in detail: Spanish Golf Academy.

Gianni Alfaro has an excellent “drive” or exit shot. However, he confesses that his specialty is the short game. Touching the ball near the hole requires the highest concentration and precision.

But if his numbers are extremely good, there is something else that stands out. Golf is a luxurious and elite sport. It is a hobby for people with a lot of money or high income. An example: only in that bag that you see in the photos there is more than $,000 invested, not counting the shoes, gloves or the daily fee of the golf course.

This is only achieved, in Gianni’s case, with willpower, tenacity, and sacrifice, not only on his part, but also on his mother and father, to whom the child is eternally grateful. His case is quite unique.

out of golf

At his teenage age it is normal for something to distract him but he stays focused and knows how to distinguish. Gianni Alfaro is usually an A student who will start High School next school year, but he is not an alienated child. He plays basketball and soccer with his friends in free time and likes to sing. When he is on the golf course he puts on his headphones and listens to singer Ed Sheeran.

Asked about any advice for teenagers, Gianni responded passionately: “If you really love something, you always play that. Always follow your dreams, don’t let anyone tell you that you are wrong or that you should do something else. Always follow what you believe and what your heart tells you to do.”


The goal of Gianni and his family is to participate in tournaments in Central America starting this year. Therefore, on September 18, a championship is planned at the Winston Lake golf course in order to raise funds for him. That day will be a good opportunity for us to support our jewel as a community and thus contribute to its future success.