with Embiid, for Curry’s ring

Fewer and fewer weeks rem

Fewer and fewer weeks remain for the start of the training-camp (preseason), a preparatory period in which players like Kawhi Leonard or James Harden return to the scene in optimal shape.

the star of the Clippers will be made available to Tyronn Lue coming soon to try to lead his team in his return to the slopes and, for his part, the base of the Philadelphia 76ers has shown from the start a very exciting change of mentality in the face of the aspirations of the franchise this seasonwhich do not look elsewhere than to snatch the ring from the Golden State Warriors of Steph Curry.

It is true that the Californian team was vastly superior during almost all the qualifiers played on the way to the grand final, but in the coming season there will be several more contenders to win the league, including the Clippers and the Sixers.

But, focusing on the franchise trained by Doc Rivers, James Harden has become one of the great protagonists of these weeks prior to the start of the seasonopenly stating that, together with Joel Embidwants to lead the team to the ring, or at least be in the fight.

And it is that, after a year full of criticism in which his physical condition has been harshly questioned, Harden has appeared on the scene showing a totally opposite image: The base claims to have lost more than 40 kilos in the last three months, something that suggests that he is getting closer to recovering the level that in 2018 allowed him to win the NBA MVP.

Since then, Harden has experienced a roller coaster of emotions, but now he is clear about his goal together with the aforementioned Embiid and, to the surprise of the rest of the candidates to win the ring, this time the warning is very serious: “In the last year and a half I was not healthy enough to do the proper work, the work that I am used to. This summer has been huge physically. Hill running, weight lifting. Everything has been very important and has also allowed me to progress in my ability on the pitch”, the midfielder has collected Hispanics.