With technical and cerebral boxing, Danny Garcia won by…

In a display of solid cerebral boxing, Danny Garcia beat Jose Benavidez Jr. by majority decision, Saturday night at the Barclays Center, in Brook

In a display of solid cerebral boxing, Danny Garcia beat Jose Benavidez Jr. by majority decision, Saturday night at the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn.

Danny made a very technical and precise fight, reading each phase of the combat very well, to clearly dominate Jose Benavidez. Two of the judges saw the winner Danny Garcia clearly 117-111 and 116-112, while another judge saw the fight tied 114-114, awarding majority decision victory over Benavidez. The unofficial card LEFT PUNCH saw win Danny Garcia 117-111.

From the first round, Danny Garcia went out to study the rival. In that start, he set up the two-handed downswing with good sharpness. Benavidez He systematically tries the jab all the time, and at times he dares to combine. It’s an even round, but he takes it Danny with a more forceful blow to the body.

For the second round, Jose Benavidez begins to loosen his hands more and connect solidly to Danny Garcia, and pushes it back slightly. It’s clear that, Danny feel the punch of a 154-pounder, and it bends. She freezes for a moment when she feels the blow.

Danny Garcia felt the punch of Jose Benavidez and in the third round, he started boxing more. He initiated a more cerebral fight, and to be more careful of the hands of Joseph. Danny He throws a punch, and moves his waist to take the backlash out of Benavidez who is measuring it. Danny is very cautious, moves, is alert to responses from Benavidez.

In the fourth round, Danny Garcia keep boxing. However, he is met with a hard right from Benavidez that shakes it Garcia yes you are feeling the punch of Benavidez which looks much more powerful and with a clear physical advantage. Danny Garciafor his part, cannot make his punch felt, and seeks to be more of a boxer than a puncher.

On the fifth, Danny Garcia he bounces back, hits well with the body jab, and stings and stings around. At times she surprises with his combinations, finishing high. There he finds Benavidezwhich begins to look more desperate in his attitude and body language.

Danny Garcia start building an advantage in the middle rounds. To a large extent, because Benavidez he remains very static, very stopped, seeking to provoke Garcia to go in and counterattack him. But Danny he is intelligent and hits cautiously, low, and combining to finish off high. Thus he manages to sneak blows between the high guard of Benavidez.

In the seventh, it is evident that Danny Garcia he boxes better and better; he moves his waist very well, removing blows. He manages to get better and better at his combinations and his jab down. Benavidez he is being dominated by style and rhythm, his shots are isolated and ineffective. Danny Garcia He has command of time and space.

For the eighth, the same tonic is repeated. Benavidez very standing in the center of the ring, and Danny Garcia increasingly comfortable, combining below, and opening holes above for the auction. Benavidez monotonous with his guard high up and does not respond solidly.

The ninth is a round where Jose Benavidez dominate because Danny Garcia lose distance. Benavidez puts the hard jab on the face of Garcia, Mainly because Danny falls short in the distance, and falls within range of Benavidez. The right hand of Joseph repeatedly find the target.

In the tenth Danny Garcia adjust, get the rhythm back, and dominate the fight again. Blends neatly on Benavidez which returns to monotony. Benavidez He tries to land power shots upstairs, trying to hurt, but it’s not powerful or repetitive enough. Rather, they are isolated hit efforts, with no follow-up.

The eleventh round is another round that Danny he boxes very well. He moves on his feet, moves his waist, shakes off blows, gains confidence and combines with clarity. Benavidez He only depends on his jab, and he can’t find distance or power.

The last round marks a great closing of the fight for Danny Garcia. The winner is known and it is a celebratory round, an Olympic round boxing the last round. provokes Benavidezshows him the tongue, and hits him clearly every time Benavidez respond to provocation.

High value win for Danny Garcia over Benavidez

Although one of the judges saw the fight tied, Danny Garcia looks like a clear winner. He mastered the time, space and psychology of the fight. He imposed his style, thought the fight very well, stayed focused, and did not let his physical superiority Jose Benavidez was a factor.

Danny Garcia He hadn’t fought for 19 months, and he was making his debut in a new category, that of 154 pounds. There was a double challenge. and Danny he fought that double challenge.

But another thing of high value for Danny Garcia It was to reinvent himself as a super welterweight, knowing that he comes from light weights. He quickly understood in the fight against Benavidez that his punching power would not be a factor, and just as quickly he entered the rhythm of boxing, feet and puncture.

The Danny Garcia at 154 pounds it can show the most technical and cerebral phase in the fighter’s career, which is usually crowned in his third weight class. In this landscape, reigns an undisputed champion who militates in the same promoter: Jermell Charlo.