With tickets sold out, Boxing Night is coming: “For the sport it means a lot,” said Villanueva

This Friday the "Boxing Night" takes place in San Isidro, a festival that will have as its main attraction the return of Paul Villanueva to the San

This Friday the “Boxing Night” takes place in San Isidro, a festival that will have as its main attraction the return of to the San Francisco ring facing Sergio Cordoba6 rounds and in the Cruise category.

In dialogue with The Morning of the Newspapera program broadcast by FM 97.1the local boxer was very happy to return to the ring in San Francisco and announced that there are no tickets left for the evening.

“I’m living it a little anxious, but with the peace of mind that we did things well in the previous one”, commented Villanueva.

On the other hand, the local boxer said that fighting at home is always an incentive. “Fighting in the city always has a special flavor, after three years and after a long year that I don’t fight officially, it’s something nice, something that makes one very happy because the truth is that I don’t know how many opportunities I have left to fight in the city, honestly it is like that, very happy with everything that is happening with the event, how people are responding, we are surprised with that”, added the local boxer.

In addition, he announced that there are no tickets left for the event. “For sports it means a lot, for the boys it is difficult to fight, it is difficult to fight outside and to be summoned, it is a great thing, being able to show yourself to your friends, your family… it is something very nice, we hope that this is the beginning of something more often and surprised by the call that the festival is having, there are already 600 tickets sold and unfortunately there are no more tickets available, not even at the door, because we were able to get the corner part of the San Isidro hall, but not the field main, is what is going to enter, on the one hand, thank and apologize to all the people because this exceeded us, we expected a flat of 400 people, which is what more or less always existed…”, commented Villanueva.


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