Without Kyrie there is no paradise: Durant cannot with Antetokounmpo

It seems that, in the end, the farce formed around the figure of Kyrie Irving can decide the season. And also the fact that he does not want to b

It seems that, in the end, the farce formed around the figure of Kyrie Irving can decide the season. And also the fact that he does not want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus and that he can only play away games. New York, like Los Angeles, does not allow those who do not have the complete guideline to practice professional sports and the point guard, at the expense of a change of opinion that does not seem to take place, will only be able to play as a visitor. So what is the Nets most interested in, securing their home field advantage in regular season and play a hypothetical seventh game in Brooklyn, or let go to do it on the road? It is the million dollar question. After the embarrassing change of mind of Joseph Tsai, who was first a proponent of progressivism and vaccinated and, When things went wrong, he was looking for victory, Kyrie has returned to training and playing for the Nets. He played against the Pacers and his team won. And now, without him, he has lost.

The conclusions have no place since it is a duel at the top against the reigning champion, some Bucks who had in mind the defeats of the previous years to prevail in the Finals and that Giannis, promoter of said victory, wore on his finger the promised ring. Now The Bucks are a net and completely different team from the one that fell by the wayside in the playoffs in 2019 and 2020, two very painful but sobering defeats. And not because they play better or because Antetokounmpo increasingly resembles a historical legend, but also. It is because they believe it, they have that blind faith in themselves, those justified pretenses of greatness that are mixed with a total absence of vanity and a charisma unprecedented in 50 years, when Lew Alcindor (later Kareem) and Oscar Robertson raised the entity to the top. The wait to return to the light was long, but Giannis made bad forecasts, he became what many said he was not and he entered history in a totally deserved way.

Those Bucks are the team that the Nets will have to overcome if they want to reach the Finals and win a ring than a project that has Kevin Durant, a figure that requires you to be at the top. For now two centimeters and many injuries prevented Steve Nash’s team (whose work is still non-existent) beat Milwaukee in a historic seventh game full of conditions that are worthless. In the end, the Bucks won and took the ring, and those two inches from Durant to force extra time were the image of a historic meeting and an exercise in resilience by Mike Budenholzer’s team that, had it not happened, could have ended with him. coach outside the project. And today the Bucks would be a net and completely different team. But of course, we will never know that.

The Bucks scored 38 points in the third quarter and went on to win by 24 points, and the Nets could only make up the result at the end. The visitors were a pylon hammer that gradually increased its advantage and did not flinch in the end. Antetokounmpo played less than 27 minutes and went to 31 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assists with 11 of 17 shooting from the field.. Six Bucks players surpassed ten points, all the starters plus Rodney Hood. And Bobby Portis was the heart and soul of a champion team: 25 points, 12 rebounds and a constant dance with the almost non-existent inside game of the Nets. And the Bucks did all of this without, attention, Donte DiVincenzo, George Hill, Grayson Allen, Brook Lopez, Jrue Holiday and Pat Connaughton. Also without Mike Budenholzer, who is in the protocols derived from the coronavirus. Many casualties but the same result and 26-15, third tied with the Nets (24-13) and 2.5 victories for the Bulls, who lead the Eastern Conference in a way that is as unexpected as it is deserved.

What about the Nets? Not much: Kevin Durant scored two points less than Giannis in 10 more minutes. Of course, it was the only salvageable for the locals, with 29 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists, in addition to a good shooting series (10 of 19). James Harden had 16 points, 9 rejections and 7 passes (with 5 losses) to the basket, but he again showed that apathetic version which, on the other hand, has been the predominant one for most of this season. And nothing but scratching: very bad defense, a total absence of solutions and resolved attacks, when they were resolved, by the individual quality of their stars. The Nets are not bad in terms of record and their real season begins in April, but they are, for the moment, a long way from the Bucks, against whom they already lost 23 points in the opening meeting of the course. And Kyrie Irving, ultimately, can be the differential figure that tips the scale of the project towards something like a path that leads to the ring.. Be careful, Kyrie can decide the season.