Women’s American football team did not have itinerary data

The Mexican Women's American Soccer Team is experiencing critical moments. What was supposed to start as a celebration towards the World

Women’s American football team did not have itinerary data

The Mexican Women’s American Soccer Team is experiencing critical moments. What was supposed to start as a celebration towards the World Cup in Finland, has been a chapter of doubts and uncertainty, since the Tricolor has not left Mexico City to head to Helsinki and play on Saturday against Great Britain.

The president of the Mexican Federation of American Football, César Barrera, explained that the strikes of airlines such as Lufthansa affected them greatly, but the players have pointed out that for days they had not had enough information about the trip. They did not know which seats they were assigned to, the flight number or any other relevant information to travel to other countries.

“Some of our parents were going to travel (to Finland) and they had asked for the flight itineraries. They told us (from the Federation) that we were going to travel to Madrid on July 27, but they did not give us an itinerary, or flight number or anything, “said Andrea Romero, one of the players of the team, to MILLENNIUM. “First they handled an itinerary for us to leave on Wednesday morning or at noon to fly to Madrid. However, apparently (the tickets) never existed.”

“We trust blindly”

July 27 arrived and they received all the uniforms with which they will play the World Cup. But it was there that they had a visit from César Barrera to inform them that they had no flights and were already mobilizing to resolve the situation.

“We blindly trusted that the reserves existed. On the 27th they gave us the jerseys and the president of the Federation introduced himself and told us that the flights are not considered as such, they were trying to fix everything, which clearly never happened. It was like 9 or 10 in the morning.”

At 7 in the afternoon, the leader presented himself again and told them that flights did not exist as such, that there was a possibility of flying via the United States and it was a question of searching that way… that the deadline was this July 28 at 5:00 in the morning. “We arrived at five in the morning to meet with the president, He continued to extend the deadline and told us that there are no flights due to the strike that took place at Lufthansa and a collapse in most European airlines; therefore, most of the flights were full. That was the justification of the Federation.”

But a group of players went to the airport at dawn, but upon arrival, they were informed that they did not have tickets because the payment was returned, while many other flights were oversold. “Now some are supposed to have been achieved, but we are uncertain that arriving at the airport, nothing assures us that we will really be able to fly”, continued the national team.

The problem is that not all the players have a visa for the United States plan. According to Romero, of the 60 people that make up the group, only 27 or 28 of them have the requirement to enter the neighboring country to the north. However, the circumstances now force the players to even travel by platoons (some through the US and others through other routes), in order not to miss the World Cup event.

“With them, they continue to try to get them to fly around the United States so that they have the minimum number of connections. It is not about doing a 72-hour flight with a lot of connections. It is sought that it be the minimum time flying. But the possibility that part of the group will fly via the United States remains latent. We are like crazy looking for flights to be able to travel. We have already found certain green lights in some travel houses and all that. We will see if we can start traveling, even if it is in groups.”

What will happen to your participation?

Mobilizing not to miss the World Cup, Romero indicates that his travel deadline would be tomorrow, Friday, July 29, in the morning. If successful, they would arrive on Saturday morning and “literally get off the plane to play directly” against Great Britain. “We would have to fly at the latest 7 or 8 in the morning to arrive on Saturday and see if the game can be played that same day.”

The International Federation of American Football is aware of this problem and they have opened themselves to proposals, including postponing the game for one day, but they need guarantees that Mexico will participate in the contest, or there could be sanctions.

“We made contact with the IFAF and are open to the possibility of an extension on Sunday, as long as we have an itinerary and we assure them that we will arrive in Helsinki. It is tentative that they move the game to Sunday, it is also up to Great Britain, that they support us to move the game, ”he explained.

For now, they continue in the CNAR (National Center for the Development of Sports Talents and High Performance) concentrating, waiting for everything to be resolved and represent Mexico in the World Cup. César Barrera was contacted by MILLENNIUMthe hobbybut at the moment there is no answer.