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Women’s boxing: Elizabeth Britos vs. Agustina Rojas

in the air of Knockout 9we live a spectacular duel between two figures from the sports scene.

They faced each other Elizabeth Britos (54 kg, from the city of Rosario, province of Santa Fe) representing the blue corner and Augustine Rojas (55 kg, from the city of Monte Grande, Province of Buenos Aires) on behalf of the red corner.

Both disputed a duel of boxing from the vicinity of Club Vicente López and Plans of General Rodriguez (GBA). After the intense confrontation that lasted a total of four rounds for the super bantamweight categoryRojas came out victorious!

“Ladies, gentlemen. Failure of the fight. Winner by majority decision, Agustina Rojas“, specified the decision of the fight announced by the announcer Leandro Randolini.

The comments during the duel they were in charge of the journalists Mariano Oliveros and Alex Riveraand the boxer and champion of great stature, Yesica “Tuti” Bopp.

Watch the video of the duel!

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