Women’s football continues to break barriers based on goals

"The soccer is a men's sport". "Football female does not sell." "The women don't know how to play." How many time

“The soccer is a men’s sport”. “Football female does not sell.” “The women don’t know how to play.” How many times have we heard these phrases? And yet, the Women’s Football does not stop beating records. On Friday, April 22, at the Camp Nou 91,648 people gathered to watch a football match. Female. and football with capital lettersby the way.

But not only the barcawhich game after game breaks more barriers and records, must agree Congratulations, but it is society that must celebrate that football and women’s sports begin to eat at the men’s table.

On Friday it was shown, once again, that football does not understand gendersbut of feelings. And the feeling that runs through the ‘football planet’ today is that of pride. Pride for a team that follows unbeaten in the league and breaking into the media headlines.

Signed: one more follower of women’s sports.