Women’s football to VAR

What happened on the opening day of the Copa América 2022 must be reviewed again and again, public opinion and soccer mourners must know who is re

What happened on the opening day of the Copa América 2022 must be reviewed again and again, public opinion and soccer mourners must know who is responsible for the current situation. Colombia must know what the “little tricks” of the directives are, those of the media that distort the signals and know why there are vetoes for opponents and those who are not sounding boards.

The players of the Colombian National Team raised their arms while singing the lyrics of the National Anthem as a sign of protest against the decision not to hold a tournament in the second semester. His protest is valid, the sports world saw it and the support was unanimous.

The soccer players demand better travel payments, equitable recognition, timely payment of economic prizes and decent salaries. Communication with the Colombian Federation is arrogant and disrespectful.

Its directors have a wrong perception of the business, surely because of their particular vision of resource management. For them, men’s soccer pays more dividends because of its structure, because the sponsors fall in abundance, because of its misogynistic and retrograde behavior. It does not occur to them to generate a marketing strategy that attracts companies that are committed to generating brand revenue, a strategy that empowers women’s soccer and everything that moves around it. It does not occur to them to do referencing exercises, they are not interested in being up to elite soccer. For them, the important thing is to fill their pockets and travel expenses, they don’t miss the inauguration of a court in a remote part of the world, they don’t miss the cocktails or the parties organized by their peers. They are only there to veto and separate at will those who criticize them and expose them. There are many cases that show the not very healthy way of marginalizing and sending to the shadows those who do not agree with the mercenary management of soccer in Colombia. The directives play not to let play.

And what about the media? It is sad how the journalists of the private channel, which is not a winner at all, misrepresent the unison protest of the women who are part of the selection, they do not blush knowing that they are lying and that the images that they themselves transmit are not in accordance with their comments. They do not have the slightest decorum in offering excuses for calling women girls who have the courage to criticize the soccer establishment of the country where they have done more than them. A group of women who don’t waste time on the court or off the pitch. Women who demand equality, healthy competition and unrestricted support.

It’s enough of so much bullshit on the part of those involved, it’s time to give a new direction to women’s soccer and force affiliated clubs to have a women’s team and compete in a serious and organized tournament. It is time that after the review of the VAR, the necessary guidelines are given so that in Colombia there is only one football and not be 12 steps away from a new maximum penalty.


For when the sanction to Millonarios and its sponsor for the guachafita that they put together with pyrotechnics? There were injuries and panic. It is not possible for a brand of beer to “play” with gunpowder knowing that the union of these two will always be a bomb. Where were the brewery and team communications offices?