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In this 2022, the betting shops They are being widely used by soccer fans to make different predictions of results that can be carried

In this 2022, the betting shops They are being widely used by soccer fans to make different predictions of results that can be carried out in different competitions. At the moment, the women’s Copa América and the women’s European Championship are taking place, a competition that is gaining more and more strength and the progress of some teams is being seen compared to previous editions.

In this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about these new women’s editions of the Copa América and UEFA Women’s EURO.

Women’s 2022:

From start to finish, this year offers us a plethora of competitions that make all football fans look forward to it. With the Cup in Qatar just around the corner, women’s soccer is preparing to play the most important tournament in the Americas. In addition, this tournament is very important because it offers places for the Women’s World Cup that will take place in Australia and New Zealand next year.

This competition is taking place in Colombia and is divided into two groups of five teams each, where only the first and second of each group advance to the round. Here below we will tell you how the two groups of this edition are and also how the tournament will continue to develop.

Group stage:

Group A:

Group A is the most even of the two and in this are the selections of:

1) Colombia

2) Paraguay

3) Chili

4) Ecuador

5) Bolivian

The two teams that qualify will play the semifinals against the two from group B.

B Group:

This is the “group of death” and it is cataloged like this since the following selections are found in it:

1) Brazil

2) Argentina

3) Venezuela

4) Uruguay

5) Peru

The two teams that manage to qualify will face the first two of group A.


The four best selections will face each other to define who will be the finalists of this competition. But as we mentioned before, the trophy is not the only thing at stake, but this tournament is also very important, due to the fact that it determines the five places for next year’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. This is why those who win the matches in this instance will be the first two teams to get a direct ticket to the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

On the other hand, the losers will have to play a match against each other, to see who will face the winner of the 5th place of the competition. The winner will get the last place for the World Cup event.


The final will be played next Saturday, July 30, at the Alfonso López stadium in Bucaramanga. We will see if the favorite teams in the bookmakers will finally play this match, or there will be some surprise.

UEFA Women’s EURO 2022:

This competition is being played in England and is giving a lot to talk about, as match after match all attendance records are broken. This tournament has the participation of 16 countries, divided into 4 groups of four teams each. As in the South American tournament, only the first two of each of them qualify.

To begin with, the stadiums that are being used for these matches are the following: Old Trafford (Manchester United), Community Stadium (Brighton and Hove), Manchester City Academy Stadium (Manchester City Women), Brentford Community Stadium (Brentford), Stadium MK (Milton Keynes), New York Stadium (Rotherham), Bramall Lane (Sheffield), St. Mary’s Stadium (Southampton) and Leigh Sport Village (Manchester United women).

Old Trafford was the stadium chosen for the debut, while Wembley Stadium will host the final.

Group stage:

The groups are made up as follows:

Group A:

1) England

2) Norway

3) Austrian

4) Northern Ireland

B Group:

1) Spain

2) Germany

3) Denmark

4) Finland

Group C:

1) Netherlands

2) Portugal

3) Sweden

4) Switzerland

Group D:

1) France

2) Italy

3) Belgium

4) Iceland

As we mentioned before, only the first two of each will be qualified to face each other in the quarterfinals. Then, each winner of the quarterfinals will face each other in the semifinals, so that later, they will have the great chance to play in the grand final.


All the teams start the competition with the illusion of being champions, and reaching the final is the great goal that each one has to have in order to achieve it. The final of this tournament will take place at nothing more and nothing less than the mythical Wembley Stadium, next Sunday, July 31.

Women’s soccer is gaining more and more strength, due to the fact that, as the leagues of each country become more professional, this leads to more investment and more women wanting to join in playing this beautiful sport. It is expected that, in the coming years, these competitions will become more even and that the same champions will not always come out.